Effect Of Religion On Political Participation By Latino Citizens In Us Politics


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Definition of political participation

Political participation has taken on a series of definitions depending on the author or the context. However, for purposes of this paper, political participation will refer to lobbying, convincing others to vote, protesting, voting and related activities. Usually, one of the most prominently used measures of political participation is the amount of people who turn out to vote; in other words, voter turnout. (Tippet, 2007)

There have been a number of reasons available to justify why voter turnout is low among certain groups and much higher in others. For instance, when a country opts to use personalized contact to inform people about the need to vote, then chances are that that country will register high voter turnout. The latter method usually entails visiting potential voters from door to door. Less effective methods include pre-recorded phone messages usually known as robo-calls. (Lilla, 2007)

In certain instances, political participation may be impeded by a citizen’s lack of  awareness on the details surrounding voting. For example, some may not know how to use voting machines or the location of voting centers. Consequently, this impedes their participation. Additionally, people may record low political participation because of certain cultural factors. For instance, it is likely that immigrant communities and ethnic communities may lack the basic language skills required to understand messages from political interest groups. Such persons may require translators and this makes them less effective in achieving their goal.

However, perhaps another more valid cultural factor is a group’s beliefs and values. When these beliefs do not fall in line with politically related ones, then it is likely that these groups may record lower voter turnout. In this case, the most outstanding factor is religion because it forms the basis for most belief systems. (Austin, 2008)

Lastly, low political participation may be caused by missing elements in the political system of a certain country. It is possible to find that certain countries may encourage only certain members of their community to take part in politics while others may be prevented from pursuing this because no one has bothered with them. These groups normally lack models from which they can borrow from thus making them isolated. However, for purposes of this paper, greater emphasis will be placed on the influence of religion on political participation.

1.2 Research question

The research question is: Does religion effect political participation by Latino citizens in the US?

2.0 Frame

This question can be further divided into three major segments as follows

  1. What role does religion play in politics in the US?
  2. How does the importance of religion in politics relate to Latino immigrants?
  3. Do Latinos have poor political participation?
  4. How do religion, Latino immigrants and political participation intertwine in US politics?

2.1 Project outline

There are a series of issues that need to be analyzed critically in order to answer the research question. For example, studies have shown that religion has an important role to play in society. However, there is a …

Hands Down the Best Handouts: Top 5 Political Handouts


Political candidates need three main categories of printed items to run for office-a name identification piece, an informational piece and a handout piece.  The name ID piece is typically their yard sign, which has become the number one way to let voters know they are running.  The informational piece is taken care of with a brochure, post card or palm card, maybe a combination of these.  This piece offers bio information and a candidate’s issues.  The piece with the most options, and can cause the greatest stress on a candidate, is the handout piece.

A handout piece is a “goodie” that is given to potential voters during neighborhood door knocking, parades or county fairs.  Choosing a handout piece can be tricky in a number of ways.  A candidate doesn’t want to spend too much money on a knick-knack.  But, the handout has to be both functional and visible.  Voters will either use the handout or throw it away.  If it is thrown away, it loses its visibility factor.

To help, here is a rundown of the 5 best political handouts.  The most common losers are also included.  The criteria for these items is: 1) functionality-will the recipient actually use the item; 2) visibility-will the item’s functionality lead it to be passed on and seen by more than just the recipient; and 3) price point-will the combination of functionality and visibility justify the cost of the item.

Best Handouts:

#1-Notepads:  For around $.30 each a candidate can get 1000, 25 sheet notepads with a logo on each page.  People don’t throw out notepads.  After a note is written on the pad, it is kept for a period of time and often handed to someone else.  The notepad is the perfect combination of functionality, visibility and price.

#2-Sticky Notes: This item has the same functionality and visibility as the notepad.  The cost is slightly more.  However, some might agree that the uniqueness of the sticky note makes it a better handout.

#3-Stadium Cups: Stadium cups are a very versatile handout.  They are great for college and high school sporting events, fairs, parades and candidate sponsored gatherings.  The cost is comparable to the sticky notes, but it loses out slightly on visibility since they are used largely at single events.

#4-Pens: Think about this.  Pens are an item that is commonly lost by its owner.  However, when it is lost, someone else finds it.  Pens are about the same price as notepads, but lose a little visibility until they are lost for someone else to find or shared with someone else.  Consider coupling this with a notepad and you have a winning package.

#5-T-shirts: T-shirts are on this list because they have tremendous visibility and functionality.  Next to yard signs, t-shirts have become one of the greatest name ID pieces in politics.  Virtually everyone who is handed a t-shirt will wear it.  But, the cost of handing out t-shirts can get high.  That …

Brother MFC-8300 Toner Based Multifunction Device – Hassle Free Printing, Copying, and Scanning


The Brother MFC-8300 is a multifunction monochrome laser printer with the ability to fax and copy. Although it offers a lower print speed and resolution than some of its more modern cousins, it is a cost-effective way to get basic office work done consistently and without hassle. If you have a home office or small business with occasional fax, copy, and print needs, the MFC-8300 is a low-cost way to run and maintain your printer station.

Features and Functionality

With a black and white laser print output of 12 pages per minute and 600 x 600 dpi resolution, the Brother MFC-8300 falls on the lower end of the printer spectrum. Images and text remain sharp, however, and gray scale graphics are equal to those you find on most monochrome printers today.

It comes standard with a 250-sheet input tray capable of handling both letter and legal size paper. Alternatively, multi-page copies and faxes can be created from a 30-page auto document feeder. The Brother MFC-8300 toner cartridges come in standard Black, with yields that range between up to 3,000 and up to 6,000 pages of use. The higher-yield option (TN460 toner cartridge) allows you to stretch your money further, and MFC-8300 cartridges are easy to replace. This printer also requires the DR400 drum cartridge for proper operation.

Able to connect via either a Parallel or USB port, the MFC-8300 is best used as a single-computer printer. The 2MB of memory that comes standard with the machine can be upgraded to 18MB total, which allows for more modern users to get the most out of the print and fax features. For easy faxing, the Brother MFC-8300 offers call waiting, caller ID, and an answering machine interface. The option to resize both faxes and copies is also possible.

Why Choose the Brother MFC-8300 Printer?

Individuals with small home offices or moderate printing and faxing needs will find that the Brother MFC-8300 is more than capable of getting the job done. Although it doesn’t come with many of the bells and whistles that make other printers such appealing options, the MFC-8300 is a solid, stable machine for a low overall price. With an Energy Star compliant processor and the option for high-yield MFC-8300 toner, this is a great printer if you also want to keep maintenance costs within your budget.…

Most Effective Method Of Lawn Irrigation Is Using Lawn Sprinkler System

In this technology driven times when preserving energy has become the main motto, gardens are developing greener with the revolutionary time lawn sprinkler systems. These days a number of different manners of irrigation are becoming well-liked, substituting the old patterns which are thought to be wasteful. To maintain the garden vegetation glowing with health and growing steadily, proper amounts of water supply is the most crucial. Hence, enter the modern day automated lawn sprinkler systems. Excessive water in the gardens can result into wastage and at the same time very less water can malnourish the plants.

The automatic lawn sprinkler system uses the appropriate amount of water to irrigate the vegetation ensure that there is no wastage.  Methods like flood irrigation which causes uneven water supply to plants is regarded out dated. If you are a gardener who believes in water conservation, the innovative lawn sprinkler systems will simply work wonderful for you and your garden. Using the automated lawn sprinkler systems is the most preferred way of irrigation also because these can be programmed looking upon the specific requirement of the different kinds of plants and different land layouts.

The lawn sprinkler systems let you to irrigate the plants and grasses with the hose from the top. However, sprinkling or spraying water on the gardens is identified to have its own weaknesses. When water is sprinkled, some part of it gets evaporated. Moreover, the sprayed water mostly wets the soil and only a little part reach the root level. Thus, combining lawn sprinkler systems with drip irrigation systems is considered the most successful method of lawn irrigation.

Automated lawn sprinkler system work most effective for the big gardens. The basic advantage of an automated sprinkler is its time and effort preserving capability. Once you are done with the installation properly, there will be no further hassle of carrying the hose all the way to the storage area. Thus, watering your lawn gets much easier with the self operating lawn sprinkler systems. For gardeners who are very specific about maintaining their lawns attractive all the time, the plants and lawn need to be taken care of everyday and the simplest of doing this job is by using the automatic garden sprinkler.

One good thing about the lawn sprinklers is that they possess the least chances of overflow and enable maximum soaking. The precision technology of the sprinkler nozzles helps in spreading the water uniformly. The spray head keeps the water in the plants, the turf, the walls and the walkway. Modernized lawn sprinkler systems have unique rain sensors to ensure unnecessary water wastage during rainy days. Then there are movable lawn sprinkler systems too which are especially useful for those who need to travel often.

We offer a collection of lawn sprinkler systems for all kind of lawns and gardens. The best thing about shopping with us is that there is no intermediate between our customers and us. Besides, we deliver you the ordered garden material at the least possible …

The Lean To Shed And 10 X 12 Shed-Popular Outdoor Storage Choices

10 X 12 Storage Shed

A 10 X 12 storage shed is a very common solution to most people’s storage needs and can be erected pretty easily with the help of a few friends or neighbours and a good set of plans. If you simply need some extra space to accommodate a lot of junk that has built up in your house over the years then the 10 X 12 shed might be a good choice.

You can also buy prefabricated shed kits from many suppliers and simply assemble according to the step by step plans which you must insist are included in the package when you buy your shed kit.

The 10 x 12 shed may be more than adequate if your needs are merely for your lawn mower and some gardening stuff from the house to give you a little more space. And you can also get a 10 x 12 shed made from vinyl, plastic, metal and many other materials which for the diy challenged can be one of the better solutions.

Lean To Shed

A humble lean to shed may come at the bottom of the shed food chain but it is certainly very functional and practical as it can be an ideal solution for you if you are tight for space and just need some place to store firewood over the winter.

The cost of a lean to shed should generally be much less than most storage sheds and you could even make one from old pallets and thrown away lumber If the purpose of your shed is to keep your firewood dry and protected from the elements.

However many farmers use a more sophisticated version of a lean to shed for protecting their livestock from the elements and the natural 3 sided design of a lean to shed ensures that the animals are well ventilated whilst sheltering which reduces the chance of disease being borne from animal to animal.

In conclusion whether you choose the lean to shed or the stand alone 10 X 12 shed will depend on your needs and your budget; perhaps a good solution would be to tackle a lean to shed project first and see how you go and progress then if you wish to more ambitious projects such as barn building and more ambitious storage shed solutions.…

Be Green With a Lawn Sweeper

With all the "green" buzz words going around these days, why not take a look in your own garage?

Think about the hundreds of people in your neighborhood alone who fire up their weed eaters, lawn tractors, or leaf blowers each day during the summer. In some cities, leaf blowers have even been outlawed because of their loud noise. Since this started happening however, most leaf blower companies have started making models which are much quieter and run at extremely less decibels. But still, think of all that pollution going into the air just in your neighborhood, now take that times millions! While leaf blowers are nice and help move all the leaves into a nice pile, you still have to pick them up somehow and bag them. Why not combine the two steps into one with a lawn sweeper? Better yet, why not start using a push lawn sweeper and be a little greener these days?

Push lawn sweepers are pieces of lawn equipment which sweep your yard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and for any budget. A simple push yard sweeper, like the Precision Products 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, can be found for around $ 100. Yard or leaf sweepers combine two steps into one by sweeping the leaves up into a hamper or hopper which can easily be dumped into a garden or trash bag. Hopper sizes range from a few cubic feet up to 30 gallons for the bigger tow-behind sweepers. Although with the tow-behind sweepers your still using gasoline to pull it behind a lawn tractor or ATV.

Push or human power lawn sweepers work the same way as the tow-behind models. A series of small brushes spin on an axle (usually the wheel axle) and sweep the leaves up into a hopper. These tools work great for smaller lawns that have a lot of trees and can be pushed around the yard in no time! …

Understanding the Power and Features of a Tow and Push Lawn Sweeper

Maintaining a neat and beautiful lawn is no easy task. There is the grass to cut or mow. There are bushes to trim. There are rocks to pile up or move into another place. There are plants and flowers to take care of. There are garden installations and ornaments to maintain. There are dirt and leaves to remove and other manual labors.

About that task of removing leaves in your yard, one of the best commercial tools used are lawn sweepers. They are known to provide good performance and precision in terms of getting rid of those leaves and dirt that have piled up in certain parts of your lawn. Other nice tools that you can use are leaf blowers, blower vacs and the traditional brooms and rakes. You can check out these equipments that are for sale in your local retail stores or over the Internet.

Going back to the lawn sweepers, there are two types to choose from. First is the push lawn sweepers and the other one is the tow lawn sweepers. The push lawn sweeper, as the name implies, works when the user pushes it and moves it around the area. There are no engines and blades involved here, only the power of your muscles. Se be sure that you're in tiptop shape if you're planning to do this.

The push lawn sweeper uses brushes that roll when you push the said equipment and eventually collects leaves and dirt and transfers them to the bag attached to its rear. It's like a vacuum cleaner but instead of floors, you are cleaning your lawn. It's very practical in even lawns but not with yards that have those nasty bumps, holes or cracks.

The tow lawn sweeper, on the other hand, is attached to either a lawn mower or a lawn tractor. It works almost the same as the push-type lawn sweeper. The only difference is that with tow lawn sweeper, you can get a lot of work done in a lesser amount of time. This is because of the fast moves and strong power of the tractor or the lawn mower.

These two types of lawn sweepers are very handy and useful for gardening and cleaning the lawn. But which one would you go for? While you are thinking about it, try researching online and reading reviews about these two effective tools. You can check out their ratings and some customer recommendations as well to help you in your decision-making. …

How to Choose an Irrigation Sprinkler System

Did you know that studies have shown that homeowners can expect a 7-18% increase in property value with the addition of a sprinkler system? Experts agree that the increase in property value is not a direct result of the sprinkler system but the curb appeal that the sprinkler system creates. Green grass sells homes for more money.

If you are thinking of installing a sprinkler system for your home or business, you may hesitate if you have seen how many offers and products are on the market now. How are you going to choose the right irrigation sprinkler system for your needs?

In this article I will try to answer at some questions which arise when you are thinking to install an irrigation system.

Aren’t all sprinkler systems the same?

With any product or service there are always different brands of quality. Be careful, there are a lot of consumer grade products on the market. Thinking that you would like to not repair your irrigation system very often you should think at high quality products, as Hunter for example. Hunter Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of residential and commercial irrigation equipment, their products being known worldwide for their exceptional features and performance. Rainbird, Nelson, Toro, Weathermatic are other brands well known for their quality too. All these products are latest technology, and this is what you are looking for. But keep in mind that no matter how awesome the technology is, it should be used as part of a complete solution in order to be effective. Be sure that you know the right installation procedures proven to ensure reliable and efficient performance.

Shall I install an irrigation sprinkler by myself?

Yes and … no. If you do it yourself you will enjoy it (100% sure), you will understand the system very well and it will be cheaper BUT it will take longer time than if a contractor will do it for you, it will require hard work and most probably you will not design and set up the system as well as a long time experience contractor.

How long will it take to install a sprinkler system?

Depending on the system size and type, soil condition, time of the year, the area type (hills area or with a lot of trees) it can take few hours up 2 days. A residential area usually takes 1 day.

Should I think at the maintenance from the beginning?

Annually you will need to winterize your system against freezing. Look for a company which provides this kind of services, which includes blowing out the lines in the fall and then restarting the system in the spring and any other necessary adjustments.

Will the installing procedures damage my lawn? How long it will take for it to recover?

Depending on the technology you use to install the sprinkler, your lawn can be less or more damage. You will not need to worry about the mess and the inconvenience caused by PVC pipe placement if …

The Benefits Of Using Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Systems

In this technology aspiring times when saving energy has become the ultimate motto, gardens are getting greener with the new time lawn sprinkler systems. These days a number of new styles of irrigation are getting well-liked, replacing the old practices which are considered inefficient. To keep the garden vegetation glowing with health and developing steadily, appropriate amounts of water supply is the most crucial. Therefore, enter the innovative day automatic lawn sprinkler systems. Too much water in the gardens can lead into wastage and at the same time very less water can malnourish the plants.

The automated lawn sprinkler system uses the proper quantity of water to irrigate the vegetation ensuring there is no wastage.  Methods like flood irrigation which causes irregular water supply to plants is considered out dated. If you are a gardener who believes in water preservation, the innovative lawn sprinkler systems will just work great for you and your garden. Using the automated lawn sprinkler systems is the most chosen way of irrigation also because these can be planned depending upon the specific requirement of the different kinds of plants and different landscape layouts.

The lawn sprinkler systems let you to irrigate the plants and grasses through the hose from the top. However, sprinkling or spraying water on the gardens is known to have its own weaknesses. When water is sprinkled, some part of it gets evaporated. Moreover, the sprayed water mostly moistures the soil and only a little part reach the root level. Thus, merging lawn sprinkler systems with drip irrigation systems is measured the most successful method of lawn irrigation.

Automated lawn sprinkler system work most effective for the big gardens. The basic advantage of a programmed sprinkler is its time and effort preserving ability. Once you are done with the installation properly, there will be no further trouble of dragging the hose all the way to the storage area. Thus, irrigating your lawn becomes much easier with the self operating lawn sprinkler systems. For gardeners who are very particular about holding their lawns attractive all the time, the plants and turfs require to be taken care of everyday and the simplest of doing this job is by using the automatic garden sprinkler.

One good thing about the lawn sprinklers is that they possess the slightest risks of runoff and allow utmost soaking. The precision engineering of the sprinkler nozzles helps in dispersing the water equally. The spray head keeps the water in the plants, the turf, the walls and the walkway. Modernized lawn sprinkler systems have special rain sensors to ensure excess water wastage during rainy days. Then there are movable lawn sprinkler systems too which are particularly useful for those who need to travel often.

We offer a variety of lawn sprinkler systems for all kind of lawns and gardens. The best thing about dealing with us is that there is no middle man between our clients and us. Besides, we deliver you the ordered garden supplies at the least possible time …

Campaign Yard Sign Substrate – Poly Bag Or Plastic Bag

Larger campaigns will often find that poly bag yard signs are the most economical choice. In addition, poly bag campaign signs are weather proof, easy to ship, recyclable and simple to assemble. Corrugated plastic yard signs, while a popular choice for smaller campaigns, do not compare in value to poly bag and poly coated cardboard lawn signs. Poly coated cardboard signs are also an inexpensive choice for big campaigns but for orders more than 2,500 poly bag usually has the edge. It's important check prices for both substrates to ensure that political campaigns are getting the best value for their campaign yard sign dollar.

Political Poly Bag Yard Sign Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is that this lawn sign type is only available in large quantities or prohibitively expensive in small runs. For orders of less than a thousand campaign signs, consider poly coated cardboard or corrugated plastic lawn signs.

While most of plastic yard signs are printed with an opaque lining, ensure that this is the case. Without a lining, voters will be able to see through the side of the candidate sign.

Durability is a mixed bag. Because of the flexibility of the substrate, voters will not notice bends or dings in a political bag sign like they will in corrugated plastic or cardboard signs. This material, however, is thin and is more susceptible to holes and cuts that effect the integrity of the campaign yard sign. The sign may also buckle from a heavy wind.

Generally, the ink does not hold up as well compared to other campaign sign types. While the lawn sign itself is weather proof the ink will fade over time. Plastic bag sign ink, however, will hold up for at least a couple of elections.

Why Campaign Poly Bag Lawn Signs Are a Smart Choice

For political campaign concerned about the environment, bag campaign yard signs are biodegradable and recyclable. Corrugated plastic is the second best choice and fold over political signs are the least recyclable because of the coating.

Assembly is a snap. The best method is to bend the ends of the wire frame close to one another and slip the bag over the top. If an intern or volunteer is assembling thousands of yard signs they'll appreciate the ease of assembly. Also, if individual supporters are putting them together, they will not have to worry about locating a staple gun and packing tape, which are recommended when putting a cardboard campaign sign together.


While it's important to keep in mind all the pros and cons of political plastic bag lawn signs compared to other substrates, more than any other type of sign price is important. If your political campaign is ordering thousands of campaigns signs, the price will more often than not be dramatically lower than other options. Likewise, bag signs are not available in very small and orders or are going to be far more expensive that either fold over candidate signs or corrugated plastic signs. …

Laptop Bags For Women – Every Woman Loves Them

The last 2 decades or so has seen a big influx of women in higher positions at the work place. While previously women were still looked down when it came to high managerial positions, nowadays it is a very normal thing to see a woman as a CEO of a company. This is one reason why many laptop bag manufacturers started coming out with great designs for laptop bags for women.

It is a fact that women like fashion more than men. While men do their shopping in a jiffy, women like to spend their time window shopping, trying out things, and generally enjoying themselves during the shopping time. It is not different with laptop bags either. Having a bag that matches a particular outfit, or maybe just the shoes and bag is a big plus with any woman who knows her value.

For example take pink. No man would ever go for a pink anything, neither in outfit or in bags. But a woman, give her a pink chic bag anytime and she'll reward you highly for it. There are many great laptop carry bags for women in pink and other fashionable colors these days and sometimes you just can not stop thinking about the Legally Blonde series of movies. Appearances can be deceiving indeed and behind any pink fluffy girl can hide a tough gal who knows her deal.

Pink jokes aside, there are nowadays some really gorgeous laptop cases for women around, all designer bags that any woman would be proud to have in her collection. And no matter the size of the laptop, be it a regular laptop or a smaller notebook, the bag will be big enough to fit it all.

Not only managers are using laptop bags. Just look at all those college students that are carrying their laptops to classes. They also need great bags and the college years are perfect to show off one's strong sense of fashion.

One of my wife's favorite series of women's laptop bags is the McKlein series of bags. For example the Lake Forest Leather bag is one that she personally has. I bought it for her for her last birthday and she can not stay away from it. It costs less than $ 100 at Amazon and it's a gorgeous piece.

Of course if you want something more expensive, you can always go for the Lodis Audrey Slim Triangle Briefcase. Not sure why it's called triangle, but the deep brown is something that even men would happily have. And the pure red is something that my wife is eying every time we stop at the pc bag page at Amazon. This one costs a bit more than the one I bought for my wife but it's really sleek, chic and modern. I think the reason why my wife wanted the first one (which was granted, easier on my wallet) is because it comes in pink and this one does not. …

Lawn Sprinkler System Bergen County New Jersey

Tips On Lawn Irrigation In Northern New Jersey.

This article will help anybody who is considering the purchase of a lawn sprinkler system for their home. We interviewed 21 year lawn irrigation expert Greg Tanzer of Greg Tanzer Sprinklers in Bergen County New Jersey, to find out exactly what you should know when considering a lawn sprinkler system. What we found out was very interesting. We also scoured the Internet to find the best resources that will help prepare you with the information you need to make the right decision. We started by asking Greg Tanzer to tell us what are the most common questions that new customers have when considering a lawn sprinkler system.

Many people inquire about rain sensors. They want to know if rain sensors are a necessary item for their system. In the state of New Jersey rain sensors are required by law. However, some sprinkler installers will tell you they are optional and add an additional cost to include rain sensors. All price quotes in New Jersey should have rain sensors included. Under the New Jersey mandate, even older systems that do not have rain sensors are supposed to be upgraded.

Another question many people ask is, “should I use drip irrigation?”. According to Greg Tanzer, drip irrigation was developed in areas of the country that have limited water supplies such as areas of Arizona, California, and New Mexico. New Jersey is fortunate to have a good amount of available water. Some instances of when drip irrigation is appropriate are when plants are positioned in an awkward location such as a terraced landscape, or when you are providing irrigation to indoor plantings in a mall or greenhouse. One of the disadvantages of drip irrigation is that if it fails you are unlikely to know about it until there is dead plant material. That is because drip uses water in gallons per hour verses sprinklers that use gallons per minute. When a sprinkler fails you have a “wash out” that produces a lot of noticeable water on the lawns surface, however by the time you realize there is a problem with your drip system, you generally have dead plant material.

Many people don’t know that an improperly installed lawn sprinkler system can contaminate household drinking water causing severe illness that can even be fatal. Because of this, in New Jersey it is required by law to have a state certified backflow inspector install a backflow device in your system. This is a specialized check valve that will prevent the sprinkler water from mixing with your household water supply. If you go to sell your house and you do not have a backflow device installed in your sprinkler system, you will have to have one installed. Therefore it is critical to make sure your installer is a licensed backflow inspector as well.

It is not uncommon to have very costly damage to your property during a sprinkler system installation that can cost you thousands of dollars. The …