Effect Of Religion On Political Participation By Latino Citizens In Us Politics


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Definition of political participation

Political participation has taken on a series of definitions depending on the author or the context. However, for purposes of this paper, political participation will refer to lobbying, convincing others to vote, protesting, voting and related activities. Usually, one of the most prominently used measures of political participation is the amount of people who turn out to vote; in other words, voter turnout. (Tippet, 2007)

There have been a number of reasons available to justify why voter turnout is low among certain groups and much higher in others. For instance, when a country opts to use personalized contact to inform people about the need to vote, then chances are that that country will register high voter turnout. The latter method usually entails visiting potential voters from door to door. Less effective methods include pre-recorded phone messages usually known as robo-calls. (Lilla, 2007)

In certain instances, political participation may be impeded by a citizen’s lack of  awareness on the details surrounding voting. For example, some may not know how to use voting machines or the location of voting centers. Consequently, this impedes their participation. Additionally, people may record low political participation because of certain cultural factors. For instance, it is likely that immigrant communities and ethnic communities may lack the basic language skills required to understand messages from political interest groups. Such persons may require translators and this makes them less effective in achieving their goal.

However, perhaps another more valid cultural factor is a group’s beliefs and values. When these beliefs do not fall in line with politically related ones, then it is likely that these groups may record lower voter turnout. In this case, the most outstanding factor is religion because it forms the basis for most belief systems. (Austin, 2008)

Lastly, low political participation may be caused by missing elements in the political system of a certain country. It is possible to find that certain countries may encourage only certain members of their community to take part in politics while others may be prevented from pursuing this because no one has bothered with them. These groups normally lack models from which they can borrow from thus making them isolated. However, for purposes of this paper, greater emphasis will be placed on the influence of religion on political participation.

1.2 Research question

The research question is: Does religion effect political participation by Latino citizens in the US?

2.0 Frame

This question can be further divided into three major segments as follows

  1. What role does religion play in politics in the US?
  2. How does the importance of religion in politics relate to Latino immigrants?
  3. Do Latinos have poor political participation?
  4. How do religion, Latino immigrants and political participation intertwine in US politics?

2.1 Project outline

There are a series of issues that need to be analyzed critically in order to answer the research question. For example, studies have shown that religion has an important role to play in society. However, there is a …

Hands Down the Best Handouts: Top 5 Political Handouts


Political candidates need three main categories of printed items to run for office-a name identification piece, an informational piece and a handout piece.  The name ID piece is typically their yard sign, which has become the number one way to let voters know they are running.  The informational piece is taken care of with a brochure, post card or palm card, maybe a combination of these.  This piece offers bio information and a candidate’s issues.  The piece with the most options, and can cause the greatest stress on a candidate, is the handout piece.

A handout piece is a “goodie” that is given to potential voters during neighborhood door knocking, parades or county fairs.  Choosing a handout piece can be tricky in a number of ways.  A candidate doesn’t want to spend too much money on a knick-knack.  But, the handout has to be both functional and visible.  Voters will either use the handout or throw it away.  If it is thrown away, it loses its visibility factor.

To help, here is a rundown of the 5 best political handouts.  The most common losers are also included.  The criteria for these items is: 1) functionality-will the recipient actually use the item; 2) visibility-will the item’s functionality lead it to be passed on and seen by more than just the recipient; and 3) price point-will the combination of functionality and visibility justify the cost of the item.

Best Handouts:

#1-Notepads:  For around $.30 each a candidate can get 1000, 25 sheet notepads with a logo on each page.  People don’t throw out notepads.  After a note is written on the pad, it is kept for a period of time and often handed to someone else.  The notepad is the perfect combination of functionality, visibility and price.

#2-Sticky Notes: This item has the same functionality and visibility as the notepad.  The cost is slightly more.  However, some might agree that the uniqueness of the sticky note makes it a better handout.

#3-Stadium Cups: Stadium cups are a very versatile handout.  They are great for college and high school sporting events, fairs, parades and candidate sponsored gatherings.  The cost is comparable to the sticky notes, but it loses out slightly on visibility since they are used largely at single events.

#4-Pens: Think about this.  Pens are an item that is commonly lost by its owner.  However, when it is lost, someone else finds it.  Pens are about the same price as notepads, but lose a little visibility until they are lost for someone else to find or shared with someone else.  Consider coupling this with a notepad and you have a winning package.

#5-T-shirts: T-shirts are on this list because they have tremendous visibility and functionality.  Next to yard signs, t-shirts have become one of the greatest name ID pieces in politics.  Virtually everyone who is handed a t-shirt will wear it.  But, the cost of handing out t-shirts can get high.  That …

What Would Machiavelli Say About President Obama?

Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine asked if I had heard that the President had appointed 15 people exactly prior to the US Senate vacation time, when the Senate would be on recess. Indeed I had heard about this, and I realized that many of these appointments would have been indicated by default, because the Senate only has a certain number of days to confirm or deny presidential appointments to certain government positions in the bureaucracy.

A shrewd move indeed and one might have to ask what Machiavelli might have thought about this? You see, Machiavellian who wrote the famous book "The Prince" noted that all Princes move from being "Loved and Respected," to feared and respected prior to their eventual fall unless they do certain things to prolong their positive notoriety, and leadership position. I think Machiavelli would love to watch modern politics and laugh amongstst the cynics.

My acquaintance told me; "It just keeps getting better," and he meant that in a sarcastic way, as in; "I wonder what comes next," and it is extremely fun to watch President Barack Obama in the present period as he attempts to lead the country, it is also very interesting to watch him rise from the people, or at least that's how the story Goes – into the position of being the leader of the greatest nation ever created in the history of the world, and by default since the United States is the only superpower he is indeed the leader of the free world.

However, it appears to me that the recent department of labor appointment is a rather tricky transaction because most of union organizers in the AFL-CIO have been considered real hard-core political animals in the past. Now then, I do not know what you know about that level of play and what goes on behind the scenes in union leadership, but it is as nasty as it gets. Almost as crazy as Chicago style politics, which president Barack Obama, not only witnessed firsthand, but was also forced to participate in, as he honed his political skills.

My acquaintance mentioned that the voters bought to watch exactly who this administration surrounds themselves with, and who they want on their team to lead this great nation, a tough job by any means, yes I'll admit that, giving the president and his new Appointments the benefit of the doubt. After all, he is my president too.

Neverheless, we have seen that past presidential administrations in the United States as they lose their approval ratings or end up getting washed out of office, well, they tend to take down all the people with them if and when they fall. Remember the media loves to build up celebrities and then they crush them into oblivion. Unfortunately, in many regards presidential politics is all about celebrity status these days, the making of an icon, someone who is larger than life.

It is of course presidential public relations and politics at its finest, …

U.S Vice President Biden said that Ukraine women are gorgeous!

U.S Vice President Biden said that Ukraine women are gorgeous!

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has made a three day working visit to Ukraine. And he has made statements of both non-political as well as political nature while he has been there. What caught the international and domestic press immediate attention were his comments on the Ukrainian women. Well, it is a compliment that a Vice President makes this statement and could maybe boost a segment in Ukrainian business, who knows?

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, on a visit to Kyiv during July 21st – 23rd , has delivered a positive message to a beleaguered Ukraine. Despite Kyiv’s paralyzing domestic political feuds and a deep recession, Biden said Washington’s efforts to repair strained ties with Russia will not hurt U.S. support for Ukraine’s push to integrate with the West. Biden — who is on a tour that will also take him to Georgia — made his comments at a joint news conference in Kyiv following talks with President Viktor Yushchenko.

Wherever Joe Biden goes, so does his mouth. Meeting today with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko in Kyiv, the vice president lived up to his reputation for loose lips making himself out to be a horndog-in-waiting. “I cannot believe that a Frenchman visiting Kyiv went back home and told his colleagues he discovered something and didn’t say he discovered the most beautiful women in the world. That’s my observation,” he told Yushchenko. “It’s certain you have so many beautiful women.”

The U.S Vice President got to meet the sitting president, prime minister and presidential candidates of Ukraine during his meeting. Biden got to cover lots of various topics, but we do not know any details apart from what was said in the various press conferences straight after meetings or by the Ukrainian party afterwards. It is worth mentioning that the pro-western policy of Ukraine was supported by U.S. However, it remains to see what the retorics is worth when it comes to politics in reality. U.S sold out Ukraine in its EU campaign in order to keep their foot in the missile program in former Soviet states in Eastern Europe. However, has proved to be an important economic partner for Ukraine, but not as important as European countries have proven to be in the last decade.

Below, you will find a short summary from each meeting Biden had with his Ukrainian politicians. It also reflects the Ukrainian press coverage of the meetings, and it is interesting to see that the press covers more of Yanokovich’s meetings with Biden than the three others together.

Biden: Ukraine need not worry about U.S.-Russia ties

Vice President Joe Biden assured a nervous Ukraine that its interests won’t be sacrificed as the United States tries to mend ties with Moscow.

Visiting Kyiv two weeks after President Barack Obama attended a Moscow summit, Biden said Russia can claim no “sphere of influence” in its backyard. The U.S. vice president travels next to another former Soviet republic, Georgia, …

Anti-Americanism In Pakistan

Anti Americanism in Pakistan

By Tauseef Ullah

January 2010

  • Why anti Americanism
  • Religion and anti Americanism
  • Anti Americanism in Pakistan
  • Approaches towards anti Americanism
  • Who is anti American?

It is always necessary to project anti American slogans to make place in a political culture like Pakistan. This is only because of the widespread hatred for America. The people hate America for its cruel policies. Therefore the sentiments of the masses are always exploited. This need no explanation why there is anti Americanism. The answer to this question needs the study of American system. America or more correctly samraj, the united states of America is the leader of the capitalist block. It is the continuity of British samraj. British capitalism and its world wide hegemony is a story of the resent past. After the glorious revolution 1688 AD the defacto demise of the English kingship, the middle class bourgeoisie come into power and people’s struggle against the king was hijacked by this capitalist class. Founded a system protecting their own interest as against the people’s interests this inhuman capitalist class was exploiting the British society, then the European and finally their exploitation extend to other continents. Almost all the weaker countries were under its clutches and a number of colonies came into being. Most of the parts of America, Africa, Asia and Australia are made colonies. The reason why these colonies were established is just exploitation of mineral resources and man power. The British samraj first accumulated the raw material towards its industries but when the European labor was becoming costly then industries were shifted to the colonies to maximize the industrial yield and profit. For this purpose the British samraj dismantle the Ottoman and the Mughul Empire in Asia and Africa, waged wars against them. Through its agents the British samraj weakened the target systems, divided the society on ethnic and religious ground, and made partitions in them. After the freedom movements started, the British samraj was no more able to sustain its global hegemony, thus shrinked to an Iceland. In fact the two world wars were nothing more than the struggle for securing maximum markets and colonies by the capitalist system of the Europe. Thus it is clear from the preceding discussion that the core values of samraj are exploitation of human rights. After the Second World War, United States emerged as the younger samraj. Depending on the economic dominance and scientific advancement USA start dictating all the third world. Founded on the same common principle of exploitation, the American capitalism produced even more adverse results than the British samraj. USA waged wars against resourceful countries, captured important trade routes and protecting, defending and exploiting the countries important for its strategic dominance. The American samraj is responsible for the third world economic deprivation and political instability. Whether its Briton or American, it is in the very nature of samraj to divide and rule the societies. In the sub continent after the arrival of Englishmen ethnic, linguistic and religious disharmony …

Options For a New Lawn Mower

Are you in the market for a new lawn mower? If so, you probably realize that there are many manufacturers out there producing excellent machines. This is both good and bad.

On the up side, you can choose from a wide variety and get exactly what you want. You will not get stuck with the better of two poor choices. But at the same time, you may be at a loss for how to decide. There are so many to choose from that it can be daunting.

Narrowing your choices is key. Do you need to ride on the mower, or walk behind it? A walk behind mower that you push is for small to moderate sized expanses of grass. You can find electric models or gas powered ones. You will also want to get an edger to get the spots you can not reach with the mower.

Back to the mower, though. Once you decide what type of push mower you want, electric or gas, you can then look at the excellent machines produced by the top manufacturers in the field, and choose the best one in your price range.

Suppose you want a gas powered walking mower. If that is the case, you should look for Reel, Snapper, MTD, or Toro. These are all great manufacturers with reputable products. If you want a cordless electric model instead, check for Simplicity, Black & Decker, and Honda.

For larger lawn areas, or if you are doing commercial mowing, a walk-behind mower just will not do. You'll want to get a ride on mower instead. For this type of mower, you should consider Murray, Husqvarna, and John Deere. Their mowers are very high quality and receive excellent reviews. They also have zero-turn capability.

Regardless of the quality of the mower you purchase, you'll have to do maintenance and repair. It's the nature of machinery to wear out. Common trouble spots are belts, blades, and motors.

Do not worry about the mulching deck, it rarely wears out. The engine, though, is another matter. You want to protect the engine because it is expensive to replace. Keep it well oiled, and do not let the mower sit with gasoline in the tank for too terribly long. …

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower Blade – What Do I Need to Know?

It’s Saturday again and the lawn needs mowing. Last time you had a little problem with a few rocks and pieces of your blades came out from under the mower. So where do you get a new mower blade and what do you look for as far as a replacement?

First, you have to determine the size of the blade. The length of the blade is generally part of the model number or the name. This can be found on the top of the casing or near the motor. Most common sizes are 19″ and 22″ blades for the typical mower. Once you’ve found the size now you can determine the size of the shank. This is the part of the motor shaft underneath the mower that the blade attaches. This is important because if you get the wrong diameter hole in the center of the mower blade it won’t fit. Using the mower type and the model number you can easily take this information to an authorized dealer or other mower outlet to find the right size.

Now, don’t be surprised if your type and model of blade has at least a dozen other substitutes made by different manufacturers. This is common in the field and allows you a little more variety. Be sure not to buy any pot metal type of blades. These can be dangerous because they tend more to come apart and break against rocks or heavy sticks. You want to make sure your blade is made from hardened steel and can be sharpened several times. You can ascertain this information from the local dealer or lawn mower repair center in your area.

There are a number of mower blades available. The standard blade that comes with most mowers is a blade that has both ends slightly bent with the sharp edge only on one side. So when you are mowing the cutting edge is part of the bent edge and both are facing the way the blade turns. In most instances the blades turns clockwise looking from the top of the mower.

Choosing the right lawn mower blade can depend on a few things. Most mowers come with a cutting blade that lifts or suctions the grass cuttings into the mower bag or shoots it out the side as you mow. If you’re just interested in cutting the lawn to a certain height this would be a perfectly proper blade to purchase. You can also purchase what is called an offset or super lift type of blade. This type of blade allows you to suction of the lawn quicker and gives you the opportunity to cut your lawn faster. This is easily discernable by the bend of the blade and heavier notches where the sharp edge is located. However, the drawback to this is that fact that you have to take a little less of a cut of grass with each swipe of the mower. Now, if you’d like to use that grass as mulch …

Human Rights in the United States

The United States is considered one of the most liberal and the freest states of the world. The US constitution and treaties identified by the senate and congress is the base of human rights of the Americans and is praised by many people around the world as a model of democracy and freedom. Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment including torture and the right to a fair trial are bases of Americans bill of rights. American governments also try to impose human rights in other countries by interfering in their affairs. But what is this American version of human rights?

The United States has denied a seat in the United Nation Human Rights Council since 2006 by claiming that it has lost its credibility with repeated attacks towards Israel's policy and failure to confront other right abusers. US has violated the so called human rights both inside and outside of its country whenever and where it served their interest or was against their benefit. This trend is seen in US policy and has been intensified since September eleven and the war on terrorism both inside and outside of America and their excuse for such an attitude is national security.

United States government has suspended various rights on national security ground in different situations and the most significant example is the current War against Terror and after 9/11 attacks. In some cases the suspension has gone too far that has led to the same terror and tyranny which Americans claim to fight with. Here are just a few examples to illuminate the American violation of human rights and its double standard policies:

The United Nation Human Right Council released a report in 2006 that disclosed US citizens and foreign national are captured and transferred to secret places and prisons; These people are tortured, abused and humiliated. Guantánamo Bay camp and Abu Ghraib are symbols of American human right violation:

"In the almost six years since Guantánamo opened, only one person has been convicted of any crime and that was by plea agreement." Said a senior council on counter terrorism. Of the 305 detainees held in Guantánamo, only three are subject to military commission charges. In 2004, the photos revealed from Abu Ghraib showing humiliation and abuse of the prisoners which led to a political scandal. On the other hand while International and US law prohibits torture and ill-treatment of any person in custody, US governments claim that this law is not applied to what they call "unlawful combatants" and US personnel acting outside the Unite States. Based on this claim the privileges of prison of war are not applicable to detainees in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. The detainees of these prisons are kept for an infinite time and generally do not receive any trials. The point is that United Nation Human Rights Council has no legal authority or power to stop the United States and as it …

Melbourne: the Magic of St Kilda

Melbourne’s sandy suburb of St Kilda has a long and chequered history. Once a place of stately homes and grand residents, it fell into disrepute. Now it’s reclaimed its former glory as Melbourne’s bay side beauty offering music, restaurants and cafe society along with its beaches.

Located on a delightful section of Port Phillip Bay just seven kilometres south-east of the city, St Kilda is one of Melbourne’s premier tourist pulls. It’s an easy hop on the tram from downtown Melbourne. You can gauge how attractive it is from the fact that St Kilda has a higher population than any suburb in Port Phillip.

The Esplanade is St Kilda’s main drag. It’s divided into upper and lower sections. The Upper Esplanade offers great views of the bay and its Esplanade Hotel is a local landmark and a popular venue for music events. A Sunday crafts market has been held on the Upper Esplanade since the 1980s. It’s a great place to pick up paintings, ceramics, hand made soaps and other knick knacks made by local craftsmen.

The Lower Esplanade is right on the beach and features some inviting beachside restaurants. It’s home to a number of St Kilda landmarks such as the St Kilda Baths, the Palais Theatre and Luna Park, an amusement fair.

St Kilda Baths is an old St Kilda institution. Also called South Pacific, its Arabian style facade was first built in the 1920s. It fell into disrepute and was demolished and was later rebuilt in its original style to preserve its sense of tradition.

Luna Park is probably St Kilda’s most famous icon with its entrance in the form of a huge laughing face. The park features a roller coaster and 15 other thrilling amusements. The park was opened in 1912 and has been often refurbished.

Another delightful feature of St Kilda is its many parks and gardens. The most common flora are the Canary Island Date Palms and Californian Fan Palms. The St Kilda Botanic Gardens off Ackland Street are also called Blessington Gardens and are famous for the spectacular roses. The Botanical Gardens feature a conservatory and a lake.

Then there’s Acland Street, a shopping and restaurant strip famous for its cafes, and cake outlets, and art displays. Its proximity to the beaches makes it a popular sleeping area for the backpacker set. Fitzroy Street is also a major cafe and restaurant strip with a bustling night scene. Running off Acland Street is fashionable Robe Street with its delightful Edwardian houses.

St Kilda is a great place to go anytime but it also hosts many major annual events that make the area especially good for a visit. The jewel in the crown is the St Kilda Festival. From a modest beginning in 1981, it has grown to become a major event attracting more than half a million young people each year.

Other notable events that take place in St Kilda include the Gay Pride March, sections of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, the St …

Leaders, Losing Political Confidence – Nu Leadership Series

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations. The sin is limitations. As soon as you once come up to a man’s limitations, it is all over with him.


In today’s contemporary organizations, leaders are in danger of losing credibility with followers. American ethics appear low for many leaders. While politicians and government officials are expected to demonstrate the highest moral character, some legislators do not. Some leaders argue that success should be the litmus test, not values.

Organization culture sways how people make decisions. Draft, an organizational behavorist, explained that organizational culture influences behaviors by creating acceptable responses. However, Heusler, a writer, maintained that although the government can not generate social cohesion, it has a critical role in stimulating activities to promote social cohesion.

Leaders must be willing to take personal responsibility for bad decisions. Authors Kouzes and Posner advocate leaders to “walk the talk.” With the continual band of unethical leaders, Americans grow leery of the amoral leader in political circles. Unfortunately, most people are naïve about the art of politics. Most are disgusted with political games. Let’s explore this matter closer. American politics are rooted in American political culture that promotes that government ought to work in accordance with a higher standard of right and wrong.

Citizens believe that the political system ought to operate in accordance with popular sovereignty. This concept is a value that relates to the belief that the only legitimate basis of political authority is the consent of the governed. However, the American political system stands different. Nelson, author of Why Americans hate Politics and Politicians, acknowledged that politics and politicians are imperfect; Americans are growing weary and taking actions.

Anti-political constitutional amendments are surfacing in a hope of providing term limits of members of Congress. Many advocates hope this new cynicism will be enough to change American politics for the good. We can only pray that it will. Only time will tell.


Ciulla, J.B. (1998). Ethics: The Heart of Leadership. Westport, CT: Praeger.

Draft, R. (1995). Organization Theory & Design. Congress gets low ratings on ethics, honesty.

Heuser, B. (2005). The Ethics of Social Cohesion. Peabody Journal of Education. 80(4), pp.8-15.

Nelson, M. (1994). Why Americans hate Politics and Politicians. Virginia Quarterly Review. 70(4), p.636, 18p.

© 2007 by Daryl D. Green…

The Role of Parliament – A Beginners Guide to UK Politics

Parliament is the highest legislative authority in the United Kingdom, and is made up of three constituent parts: The House of Lords, The House of Commons and the Monarch. Parliament has gradually taken control over many of the powers previously exercised by the Monarch, and although the Queen acts as the head of Parliament, in practice, this role is merely ceremonial. The Crown will always act on the advice of the Prime Minister and other ministers, who are in turn accountable to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


Parliament has a maximum duration of five years. At any time up to the end of this period, a general election can be held for a new House of Commons.


The major functions of Parliament are:

  • To make all UK law (legislation). All three constituent parts of Parliament must agree before a new law can be passed.
  • To scrutinise Government policy and administration. This work is carried out in debates, parliamentary questions and through Select Committees. These procedures compel the Government to publicly explain and justify their policies.
  • To control finance. The House of Commons grants the Government permission to control taxes, decide what taxes are collected, and how this money should be spent.
  • To protect the public and safeguard the rights of individuals. Parliament safeguards the interests of the public as a whole, and MPs can also help to protect the rights of the individual.
  • To examine European proposals before they become law. The House of Lords and House of Commons both have committees that examine European proposals, which allows Parliament to prepare and alter its laws to bring the UK into line.
  • To hear criminal and civil appeals in the House of Lords, the highest Court of Appeal in Britain.
  • To debate the major issues of the day. Both Houses of Parliament hold general debates on matters of national and international importance.

Is America Sleep Walking Through Its Political Issues?

A patient of mine recently experienced an unusual problem. Apparently, she got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked outside into her garage and entered her sports car. She was changing her car clock when her partner, who was in a panic, located her in the car. My patient was awakened by her partner and was confused and bewildered as they left the garage to resume their evening’s sleep.

Sleep walking is not an unusual pattern. For many, it is an infrequent occurrence, but for others it is a lifelong experience. Recently, I have been wondering about the manner in which many of our citizens are “sleep walking” through the impact of our political landscape. As a society, we appear to be distracted and asleep at the wheel. It seems as if there is a chronic pathology among of our people characterized by naivety, indifference, and a lack of awareness to political and cultural issues.

I recall Jay Leno canvassing the streets of Los Angeles trying to find one American who could tell him how many Supreme Court justices serve on our highest bench and to identify one of their names. The responses were pathetic and called attention to the lack of political awareness of our citizenry. Recently, as my wife and I boarded a plane to return to Arizona, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was sitting in the third row of the plane. I was not aware of one on-coming passenger who seemed to recognize her or acknowledge her presence. When we deplaned and headed for the luggage area, while other passengers appeared to be oblivious to the relevance of the situation, I proceeded to introduce myself and carry on a brief conversation with her. As one of my 15 year old patients once said, “Why should I care about politics, I can’t change anything anyway.” Nevertheless, it is my belief that feeling powerless is never an excuse for sleeping through the political process.

Although I certainly respect and support our current troops deployed in Iraq and other locations, there is something quite disturbing about the false sense of patriotism displayed by Americans. For example, I believe many of us have trivialized the concept of war through the simplistic use of bumper stickers, ribbons and other insignias signifying troop support. What do these symbols really mean for most Americans? Are they true signs of patriotism by those who fully understand the impact and implications of our current war in Iraq? My brother, who was a Lieutenant and company commander in Viet Nam cringes at the naivety and lack of awareness that many Americans possess about the nature of terrorism, combat and military missions. Maybe if the military adopted a conscription policy, some Americans might rethink their form of patriotism? Maybe if they knew their own children would be subject to going off to Baghdad, they would reconsider the way they demonstrate their loyalty to our military efforts. You might recall what happened when the President …