HP P3015d Toner Based Laserjet Printer is designed for High Volume Monochrome Printing

HP LaserJet P3015D


For high-volume printing that contains quality from the first page to the last, the HP LaserJet P3015D is an excellent choice. The moderate price range provides busy offices and workgroups with all the speed and functionality they need, and with a variety of options for upgrades. The HP LaserJet P3015D also allows for greater flexibility in print media and double-sided results, making it easier than ever before to create polished, professional results in-house.

Features and Functionality

Speed ​​is one of the hallmarks of the Hewlett Packard LaserJet P3015D, with a first page output in as little as 7.5 seconds and a speed of up to 42 pages per minute for standard monochrome prints. The dpi resolution is offered at a high 1200 x 1200 rate, and the results come out as sharp black and white ink for both text and graphics.

The HP LaserJet P3015D is a powerhouse of a printer in all of its components. It comes standard with a 540Mz processor and 128MB of memory, which can be expanded to up to 640MB in all. The primary paper input tray holds up to 500 sheets of paper, while a second multipurpose tray adds an additional 100 pages of feed. The option to expand to up to 1,600 sheets in all is offered when users purchase two additional 500-page trays.

In addition to automated double-sided printing on letter-size paper, which comes standard on this model, the P3015D can also print on a variety of media formats, including legal paper, label paper, envelopes, transparencies, and card stock. Results are crisp and clear, thanks to the high-yield HP P3015D toner options. Offered in sizes up to 6,000 pages (part number CE255A) and 12,500 pages (part number CE255X), the standard Black P3015D cartridges are easy to install and maintain.

One of the features of the HP P3015D that makes it so ideal for a business or workgroup setting is the enhanced security features. Confidential print jobs can be created with ease, released only by entering individual user or administrative PIN numbers on the 10-key pad.

Connectivity for the machine is offered via the standard USB and Parallel ports, with an additional walk-up option for direct printing from a USB storage device. This walk-up option is accessed on a front panel, which lies next to the LCD control panel and menu.

Why Choose the HP LaserJet P3015D Printer?

Like most printers offered through the HP brand, the P3015D is built with "greener" technology in mind. This model allows you to save energy with a reduced warm-up time and with automated duplexing options. When combined with the fast speeds, large paper input and output options, and fully upgradeable memory features, the result is a printer that will help your business create flawless documents at low operating costs and with a minimum hassle. …

Self Service Your Lawn Mower and Save Money

Around where I live the small engine retail and service stores charge $75 an hour to work on lawn mowers and ride-on tractors. Most people can do the necessary basic service themselves and keep their mower running smoothly for years.

We all do it, we get to the end of the grass cutting season, shove the mower or tractor to the back of the shed and forget about it till next Spring. Don’t do that this year, it will cost you money and time to get it back in working order.

What you’ll need: Digital camera, SAE30 oil, wire brush, spray can of black enamel paint, heavy duty gloves, container for used oil, replacement spark plug, (just in case), face mask and cleaning rags.

Drain the fuel tank and let the engine burn the last of it from the carburetor and fuel lines. The fuel in the tanks will partially evaporate over winter leaving a residue, particularly fuels blended with ethanol which will leave a gooey mess, that’s a real pain to clean out especially from the fine jets in the carburetor.

Before doing any further work on your machine, disconnect the spark plug lead. Although electrical interlocks should prevent the engine accidentally starting it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Drain out the old engine oil. For most lawn mowers the drain plug is underneath in the mower deck. For others and lawn tractors the drain plug is at the base of, and on the side of the engine. Be sure to collect the oil in a container to dispose of correctly later, don’t let the oil drain onto the ground.  Replace the oil drain plug. Leave the dipstick out to remind you there is no oil in the engine.

Clean dirt and grass off the mower, a small amount of debris in the engine will cause it to seize. Clean dirt from the engine cooling fins, you may have a cover to remove to do this. If this is the first time you are doing your own maintenance, have a digital camera handy to take photos as you work to ensure parts go back correctly. Take as many pictures as you need, use the zoom for close-ups, so as you put things back in place you won’t waste any time figuring things out. Don’t rely on your memory it will let you down!

Clean the deck, for lawn mowers tip the machine on its side, carburetor side up. Use a block of wood to wedge the blade so that it cannot move. Put on a pair of heavy duty garden gloves before removing the blade. Clean debris from the underside of the deck, wire brush and spray with black enamel paint from an auto parts dealer, always use a mask for this job. Painting the underside of the deck will prolong its life. Have a professional sharpen and balance the blade before replacing it. Then turn your mower upright.

Take out the spark plug, wire brush it clean …

Historical Constants – A Review Of The Arabs By Thomas Kiernan

Some things, it seems, do not change. Naively, we tend to assume that history, by definition that which is over and done with, ought to be a constant. But history, of course, is only understood when it is interpreted, and both understanding and interpretation are always conducted by contemporary interests. It is hard, maybe impossible, to write a history of one’s own time, since all conclusions are still waiting to be drawn. That, perhaps, is why we label such activity ‘speculation’. But it is always of interest to recall how current issues used to be seen, even when events have moved on.

Such an experience awaits the reader who opens Thomas Kiernan’s 1975 book, The Arabs. In his preamble, the author promises not to write propaganda, but rather to present the Arab point of view as it is presented to him. The intention is to seek out contemporary positions and priorities from interviews with contacts throughout the Middle East and beyond. But Thomas Kiernan’s project is immediately much grander than journalism, since he intersperses these contemporary reflections and assertions with chapters on hard, time-worn history. Indeed he goes far beyond the declared limit of his intention in that he not only covers Arab history, but also, perhaps inevitably, that of the Jews. Add to that significant passages on ancient and contemporary Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, the history of Israel, politics and conflict that led to changed strategies for the region and, just for the ride, a superb tract on the history of Islam, and it becomes clear that this is a massively ambitious, but also potentially informative project. Forty years on, the book’s weakness – and it does have one – lies in the contemporary, journalistic sections that, at the time, would have been its most immediate and perhaps more interesting content. Today’s reader of Thomas Kiernan’s The Arabs will thank the author for his clear and comprehensive historical and cultural chapters that clearly identify and define the issues much more than the descriptions of, or perhaps speculations on the contemporary context.

The book starts in Lebanon, fought over and bombed at the time. As a journalist in the thick of things, Thomas Kiernan is able to offer an account that brings the death to life and reminds us how little might have changed, though the location may be different and the technological efficiency of the process might have improved. Nowadays it seems less risky to go about killing people.

But from 2014 the perspective offered by Thomas Kiernan’s The Arabs seems devalued by two contemporary assumptions that now seem to place a distorting lens between our current experience and that offered in the book. In 1975 the effects of the first punitive rise in the price of oil were only just being felt. OPEC’s muscles had only recently been developed and at the time had been little flexed. Add to that a necessity to interpret everything through the filter provided by the Cold War and it can be understood …

Interesting Facts About the Philippines – From History to Sports

Cardinal Jaime L. Sin

Did You Know – Cardinal Jaime L. Sin, who was one of the world's most popular religious leaders, had been nominated for the Nobel Prize several times in the past century. It was not a surprise to the people who had followed his professional life in the Philippines. Like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Mahatma Gandhi, Sin was an advocate of human development and democracy. He once said, "As a citizen of a country, whether you are a catholic or not, you are duty-bound to participate and share your views for the welfare of the people." Otherwise, in 1976, Sin won the Rajah Soliman Award for Distinguished Citizenry. This religious leader was author of many publications: "The Revolution of Love" (1972), "Unity in Diversity" (1974) and "The Future of Catholicism in Asia" (1978), among others essays. Otherwise, his favorite idols were Ludwig van Bethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Richard Strauss.


Did You Know – The Philippines – smaller than New Mexico– was ruled first by Spain, then by the States, and finally by Japan. The Islands gained full independence just after World War II. It has been an independent for over 60 years.

Baguio City

Did You Know – In July 1978, the Anatoly Karpov-Viktor Korchnoi World Chess Championship Match was held in Baguio City. The Prize was of $ 553,900 (the highest ever awarded in chess).

Ramón Magsaysay

Did You Know – The Ramón Magsaysay Award is the most important prize on the Asian mainland. The prize was established in 1957 by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in honor of the former Head of State of the Philippines. Among the winners were: Dalai Lama (1959), Mother Teresa (1962), Akira Kurosawa (1965), Muhammad Yunus (1984), and Corazon Aquino (1998). According to "Time" magazine of November 26, 1951, Magsaysay was a highly energetic man and a leader who has won an unchallenged reputation for honestly "

FIBA World Cup

Did You Know – Surprisingly, the FIBA ​​World Championships were held in the Philippines, who First Lady, Imelda Marcos, led a campaign for it, in late 1978.

World-Famous Persons

Did You Know – Efren "Bata" Reyes became the toast of the Philippines. Over the last decades, the country's billiards star Reyes has won numerous global titles:
1996: FBT World 8-Ball Championship
1998: World 8-Ball Championship
1999: World 9-Ball Championship
2002: World Pool League Champion
2004: World 8-Ball Championship

National Heroes

Did You Know – Apart from the likes of Efren Reyes, Ramón Magsaysay, Corazón Aquino, and Jaime L. Sin, the Asian republic has other well-known individuals on Earth: Philip Vera Cruz (social reformer), Gabriela Silang (nationalist) Raúl Manglapus (diplomat), Benigno Aquino (journalist), Jose P. Rizal (nationalist), and Josefa LLanes (women's rights leader).


Did You Know – In spite of its abundant natural resources and unique landscapes, from one of the world's largest marine reserves to amazing lakes and tropical gardens, the national per capita income is $ 3,500 (compared to $ 6,100 in Thailand).

Beauty Pageants

Did …

Academic Writing Success – Simple Literary Research Strategies

There is an academic community, often forgotten in faculty circles, which I have great admiration for: librarians. Think about how their work has changed over the last 30 years. Their world has changed dramatically from the people who worked re-shelving books in the stacks, typing bibliographic card entries and maintaining order in the card catalog drawers. Even the name of their role has changed: they are now considered “library and information science specialists.”

Their tools are no longer cards, paper slips and typewriters: instead they master online and computer based searching, ready to guide us into the riches they can retrieve.

There are tiers of what they can do for the academic in need: they can provide bibliographic trails for your projects, with notes- they can help provide lists of references you can use to help write articles, chapters, and books. As you delve deeper into their skills, they can do even more- for example, they can help you learn and operate online bibliographic databases, such as Refworks, EndNote, etc. There are so many different ways that these under-recognized experts can provide assistance: they are experts who deserve far more attention than they customarily receive.

Library and information science specialists also have a macro and micro perspective of resources, databases, archives, and serial publications of which we cannot dream. In one of my specialty fields alone, distance learning, the number of new journals which emerge annually is staggering. And yet such changes do not fluster these master resource tamers! It is because of them that we have such fabulous reference management tools available to us at any computer connected to the Web.

Scanning the websites of major universities and colleges across the USA, it is easy to see that many libraries have brought bibliographic format and tools to the forefront of their services. When one considers the nature of our work as faculty engaged in research and publication, it would serve us well to benefit from a perspective and skill upgrade in this area. Bibliographic support is an area in which faculty will experience a quick return on time invested.

Simple Research Organizational Strategies

Documenting Your Research Trail

One of the basic strategies I have developed over the years is to open an extra MSWord document when I am doing research and to copy and paste resources I view (articles, and books I find) along with brief notes about my reading in them or key points I recognize in them immediately.

This strategy basically provides a digital transcript of your search without retyping information and has many efficiency boosting benefits.

  • When assembling references one does not have to spend another 30 minutes re-locating cited publications to access complete reference details.
  • The written notes provide a permanent record which prevents small details from slipping through the cracks of our busy minds, and may help trends and patterns “bubble up” to the surface.
  • Quickly scanning the pages of our research can help us quickly and accurately identify areas we have not yet

Fashion Forward – Designer Kids Clothing Now at Moderate Prices

The old political statement, ‘It’s the economy stupid’ sure rings true today. As in politics, so changes consumer shopping habits for boutique label kids clothes. Three years ago customers of upscale children’s clothes rarely turned a tag over to look at price before they bought several thousand dollars worth of back to school clothes because it was all about picking the right labels with the hottest, freshest looks, whether it be European or American. Today, however, the vast majority, including me, do what I call a ‘fashion reality check’ and broadly look at the price to see if the fashion is being provided at a good value.

A quick check of some of the hottest kids labels shows a great girls coat close to $200 three years ago, but today $100, a fun bright girls summer dress $75 now $35 and an adorable baby outfit $60, now $30. Wow, I’m amazed at the number of kids clothing designers that have restructured their businesses to provide affordable fashion without compromising on quality.

It takes years to effect a successful business restructuring so did all these companies anticipate a soft economy? I think not. The catalyst for change was the big box retailer Target. As one of the nation’s largest apparel sellers, Target raised the fashion value bar to new heights and set a standard that boutique labels needed to exceed to remain successful. In essence, branded apparel manufacturers need to provide products to specialty retailers which are cutting edge, fresh, novel, and at a price that screams value in order to remain in business.

This behavior has been extremely positive for specialty store owners because their product mix is still cutting edge, fresh and novel, but it is also represents a compelling value to the consumers of kids clothing. Specialty stores will never compete with Target on price, but with about 2,000 children’s boutique label manufacturers pushing the fashion value edge, consumers will find a lot of extremely exciting fashion at moderate prices. Collectively these small upscale fashion designers offer a product mix that could never be produced for the mass market.

Thank you Target, you made the upscale kids clothes industry change for the better! And just in time for a softer economy.…

8 Methods to Irresistible Email Writing


Before you sit down to write your email sales letter, you have to establish exactly who your audience is. This is a master key to reaching results from email promotion.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do your prospects / customers want?

What frustrates your prospects / customers most?

Who else is offering something just like you?

Why should your prospects / customers believe you?

Why should prospects / customers answer to you as a substitution of somebody else?

What sort of appearances will your target market responses?


Before an email can produce results, recipients require opening it. However, what can you do to spark their interest and get their interest "motor" revved up? Your subject line is the key. There are 4 types of methods to use as a guide in setting your email. Each has a different psychological appeal that works like magic on clients. Write at least 25 subject lines before you opt for which one to use. Take the best two and test them against each other in your marketing campaign. Save the "losers" to use for other purposes or spruce up later.


Sit down and write every conceivable benefit your product has. Do not know the variance between qualities and benefits? Features explain the product; Advantages describe the results of utilizing the product. From qualities appeal to logic, logic justifies emotion, and emotion drives sales.

Here's a rule of thumb for advantages, ask yourself, "What can my product or service do for my customer?" Then start to write your letter telling your reader what is in it for them. Tell them how much better life will be for them after they pay for from you. Tell them how much better they will feel. Tell them how their peers will respect them more.


When advertising anything to anyone, you must remember that buying choices are base upon emotion and later backed up by logic. Before you write a single word, establish what emotional hot buttons you require to push to "jumpstart" your prospect.

If you are offering health supplements, go for the "fear of illness" button with "A Natural Alternative to Save Your Eyesight." If you are offering political bumper stickers, hit the "anger" button with, "Let the President Know What You Think Of His Policies." Other buttons include, curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, and / or fear of scarcity or safety.


To persuade people to pay for your product or service, you must make them believe that your offer is realistic and that you or your product will deliver as promised.

How do you do that? Here are 3 ways you can create credibility with the readers of your sales letter:

Provide testimonials.

Include endorsement letters from authority figures in your industry

Make your offer and promises honest and believable.


Scotts 2000-20 Classic Lawn Mower Review

I have always preferred electric and gas-powered lawn mowers because of the convenience they can give. I meant, I do not have the luxury of time to mow my lawn. Not even one half of a day. I want everything fast and fierce. Everything changed when we had this worldwide economic slowdown. I had to always check my resources and make sure I have spares for the rainy days. At first, it's difficult to adjust but in time, I learned. Well, I really had no choice. Gas powered lawn mowers require high maintenance. I really can not afford such unnecessary expense just to maintain my gorgeous lawn.

So I used the ever reliable Google and did some research. I found this unappealing push reel mower. The price was really affordable. I'll just be honest, this is something that's just within my budget. I was really scared because the reviews might just be misleading. I read the pros and cons. In short, I've done my job and just risked. My other consensus was that, it's earth friendly.

Scotts Push Reel Lawn Mower is a blessing in disguise. I was really worried that I would not be able to assemble it. If you follow the manual and it will be very easy. All you have to do is screw the five sections of the handle and then clip it to the body of the mower. There are additional nuts and washers that you can use to securely connect the handle.

I was of course prepared that this mower will be powered by myself. I actually needed a good workout to shed off those extra pounds. The mower was quiet unlike the gas-powered ones. They really do not pollute. The only pollution is your sweat! I was really surprised that it worked smoothly. I had no difficulty pushing it. I felt like Wolverine. It was obvious I enjoyed the experience.

When you buy Scotts Push Reel Lawn Mower you should be realistic. Do not set expectations that will not be met. This is very useful for small grass or weeds. Of course, it's just natural to always keep the blades oiled to maintain high performance. I really could not ask for more! …

Concept Analysis of Leadership in Nursing


The quality of health care offered to patients is usually influenced by leadership in nursing hence has either positive or negative impacts upon patients. In the provision of professional development, learning, and employee alignment which are very essential in optimizing positive patient results; inspiring leadership is usually required. In this case, for an organization to realize prosperity leadership is a necessity that should be compromised under no conditions. In health care prosperity brought about by good leadership usually leads to most advantageous patients’ results through adequate preparation of its employees who in return help the organization achieve its organizational set goals. Basically, when the right people are placed in the right position in health care organizations; it will be very easy for the organization to realize its missions and visions hence greater organizational achievements. Leadership is one of the factors that should be seriously considered in nursing in order to make sure that the practices undertaken by employees conform to the directives of the leaders.

Aims of the concept analysis

The aims of this concept analysis are to determine what is required of Clinical Nurse Managers in health care organizations, how the concept of leadership affect the patients’ outcomes, and what should be done to improve leadership in these organizations. It is therefore the role of Clinical Nurse Managers to coordinate, delegate, and supervise health care provided to patients. This is mainly underpinned by attaining more competences which are the major focal points of the concept of leadership in health care organizations. It can be therefore concluded that good understanding of the concept of leadership by the Clinical Nurse Managers is favorable to very best outcomes of patients. In most cases, nurses progressing to leadership and management positions are largely unskilled, with no or very little orientation, unsupported, or having very little orientation to succession planning which pertains to leadership and management skills. This usually results to poor leadership and the patients are mostly the victims. These nurses suffer from unconscious incompetence which is a situation where a nurse does not know what he or she does not know (Donley, 2005). Unconscious competence is very dangerous as it can lead to disenfranchising clinical growth and nursing profession, compromising care provision and low quality patient outcomes, and recruitment as well as retention issues.

Literature review: Uses of the concepts

In order to have a clear description and familiarity of the concept, comprehensive review of literature is very essential. The literature review will be explained in two disciplines outside the field of nursing in order to have a diversity of the comprehension of the concepts. In marketing, the concept of leadership is very imperative as it determines the way competitive advantage of a company is described. Marketing involves the process whereby goods and services are communicated to customers and therefore the volume of sales a company makes depends on the level of marketing. A good marketing process requires good leadership qualities as different parties and individuals are involved in marketing. For …

NYC Events For the Political Junkie – In the Mainstream and Out

New York was the home territory for two major Presidential contenders in 2008: Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. It's no coincidence that the city is rife with political activity – it's the headquarters for numerous national news sources, and it's also home to the single Zip code with the highest level of political obligations to both major parties. The breadth of NYC events available to someone interested in politics means that it's easy to sample lots of different ideologies – and maybe learn a thing or two.

The Barack Obama Meetup is one of the many NYC events that brings together hundreds of Obama supporters to talk about the Senator's plans and policies, and to share grassroots campaigning strategies. Of all the NYC events dedicated to Democratic party politics, this is one of the most active.

For a view a bit out of the mainstream, the Henry George School of Social Science offers NYC events that revolve around the economic teachings of Henry George, who called for a single tax on the value of land. A movement that has brought together socialists, anarchists, and radical capitalists, the Georgian political movement has remained alive (and vivid!) In the city where Henry George himself once ran for mayor. The NYC events hosted by the school include introductory and advanced lectures on economics from a Georgian perspective.

On the other side of the mainstream, the Junto is a unique NYC Event. Hosted by veteran trader Victor Neiderhofer, it's a wide-ranging discussion forum covering investments, economics, and politics, all viewed from the perspective of Objectivism. Although Junto is an NYC event, it's named after Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia gathering of the same name.

The radical bookstore Bluestockings hosts numerous anarchism-themed gatherings. Unlike stereotypical anarchists, the visitors to Bluestockings' NYC Events are likely to be well-versed in Proudhon rather than punk rock. Events range from discussions about the lessons from world travel, to instructions on activism, as well as numerous movie and book events.

The feminist group NOW hosted their national conference in New York last July. Although feminism is a social rather than political movement, it's a movement with broad political implications. NYC events like this showcase the city's intellectual diversity – Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were counting on its votes in the 2008 general election, and each hosted NYC events to galvanize supporters. Since the city is home to preeminent magazines literary / political on the right and left – from The New Yorker to The National Review – NYC events have always shown that regardless of their beliefs, residents of this cosmopolitan locale can find the perfect venue to express them Views. …