Hands Down the Best Handouts: Top 5 Political Handouts


Political candidates need three main categories of printed items to run for office-a name identification piece, an informational piece and a handout piece.  The name ID piece is typically their yard sign, which has become the number one way to let voters know they are running.  The informational piece is taken care of with a brochure, post card or palm card, maybe a combination of these.  This piece offers bio information and a candidate’s issues.  The piece with the most options, and can cause the greatest stress on a candidate, is the handout piece.

A handout piece is a “goodie” that is given to potential voters during neighborhood door knocking, parades or county fairs.  Choosing a handout piece can be tricky in a number of ways.  A candidate doesn’t want to spend too much money on a knick-knack.  But, the handout has to be both functional and visible.  Voters will either use the handout or throw it away.  If it is thrown away, it loses its visibility factor.

To help, here is a rundown of the 5 best political handouts.  The most common losers are also included.  The criteria for these items is: 1) functionality-will the recipient actually use the item; 2) visibility-will the item’s functionality lead it to be passed on and seen by more than just the recipient; and 3) price point-will the combination of functionality and visibility justify the cost of the item.

Best Handouts:

#1-Notepads:  For around $.30 each a candidate can get 1000, 25 sheet notepads with a logo on each page.  People don’t throw out notepads.  After a note is written on the pad, it is kept for a period of time and often handed to someone else.  The notepad is the perfect combination of functionality, visibility and price.

#2-Sticky Notes: This item has the same functionality and visibility as the notepad.  The cost is slightly more.  However, some might agree that the uniqueness of the sticky note makes it a better handout.

#3-Stadium Cups: Stadium cups are a very versatile handout.  They are great for college and high school sporting events, fairs, parades and candidate sponsored gatherings.  The cost is comparable to the sticky notes, but it loses out slightly on visibility since they are used largely at single events.

#4-Pens: Think about this.  Pens are an item that is commonly lost by its owner.  However, when it is lost, someone else finds it.  Pens are about the same price as notepads, but lose a little visibility until they are lost for someone else to find or shared with someone else.  Consider coupling this with a notepad and you have a winning package.

#5-T-shirts: T-shirts are on this list because they have tremendous visibility and functionality.  Next to yard signs, t-shirts have become one of the greatest name ID pieces in politics.  Virtually everyone who is handed a t-shirt will wear it.  But, the cost of handing out t-shirts can get high.  That …

Some aspects of developing of politic view of the youth

Some aspects of developing of politic view of the youth.

Dilrabo Mukumova,

Senior teacher of Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration.  

         Intellectually developed, gifted and talented youth are the great power running the scientific-technical progress of the society and they are able to demonstrate the traditional, moral, mental, scientific, cultural, arctic, and handicraft potential of the nation in the world stage. Approaching the problem from this point of view requires searching the talented youth, giving to them reasonable instructions and directing them to definite spheres, because their specific individual features, their internal force, the discovery of hidden qualities, perfection, development, finding the effective means, that is the reasonable direction according to necessities, requirements and growing potential of the society serves as the foundation for long-standing dreams, future plans and will of the nation.

         The president I.A. Karimov in his speech pointed out the importance of step-by-step transfer of functions of government to non-governmental organizations, self-government institutions as a result of growth of political thought, culture, and activeness. Besides the President accentuated in his work named “The ideology of the nation should serve for strengthening of the people and the nation” that “national political culture covers our self, sense of understanding of our sacred traditions, good dreams formed during many years, and high aims and tasks of our society”.  

         Including preserving the soul and mind of the young generation, educating them in the spirit of national and universal values, their deep understanding of the meaning and true cause of happening political processes, having proper information about events happening around, having their independent opinion, simply speaking their ability to recognize good and evil should be main condition and criteria of our spiritual and education work.  

         That is in the present day situation, when information advantage is crucial the matter of education of person with independent intellect and opinion is not only moral, but also a political significance.

         As an example we can state that among the youth of Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent city moral and educational works, as well as psychological service are being rendered. The rendered psychological service results in new theoretical and practical solution of complicated situations of the education and development of young generation, objective expression of social environment of their development, and offer of more effective models of education process. According to scientific analysis during the several ten years one of the main factors in rapid social-economic growth of a state was preparation of personnel. It is important to point out that the solution of the problem of preparation of personnel, especially in the system of psychology is very important for the development of state and government.

         Arrangement and management of complex social life objective importance; it can be realized by high power – the government fully and widely realizes it. This shows the level of political self. So, political view in understanding of political self requires the knowledge of fundamental laws of human life and activity.

         From conversations carried out by University requirements it was clear …