What Are The Causes Of Deflation?

The causes of deflation are linked directly to inflammation and the only cure for inflammation is a deflation. The following is a list of causes of deflation and manifestations of deflation leading up to the GREATER DEPRESSION that started in 2000 and may not end until 2020 (end of the mania).

When seeking the causes of deflation we need to remember that the real cause was credit inflation. Many items on this list are manifestations of the credit bubble popping. What is remarkable is the depth and number of related items on the list.

1. Growth of government at all levels federal, state, county and city. Money sucked away from the market economy to fund inefficient and bloated programs reaches one third of the economy and then causes it to get top heavy and crash.

2. Military waste. Wars and much of the money spent by all the different divisions of our defense departments is beloved down a whole in the ground-never to be seen again. Oil, food, materials, manpower, blood and lives.

3. Governments support of (favorite) industries that would not make it in a free economy. Real estate bubble – unwinding lending practices.

4. Real estate deflation leading to reduced wealth and reduced taxes to government due to lower revenue from both capital gains tax and real estate property taxes. 90% drop by 2018

5. Stock market losses. People feel poorer so the do not spend. Pension and retirement accounts lose money on stock and bond investments hurting ability to pay those retiring. 90% drop.

6. High petroleum prices sucking money out of peoples pockets that could have gone to purchasing goods and services in the market. We are all on an oil food chain using dead dinosaur deposits for our energy instead of whale blubber like we we used to. Money sent to foreign entities that in some cases is used to pay for attacks on us. Inefficient gas guzzling autos, appliances, lighting and phantom loads on TVs, computers, microwaves etc. Heat rises right? Why is the working parts of refrigerators underneath the area meant to be cooled. Heat rises up through the whole refrigerator or freezer box. A waste of trillions of dollars in oil all these years.

7. Job losses – high unemployment means less money is around to buy goods and services. Causes businesses to layoff more workers in a vicious cycle snowball effect.

8. Collectibles, antiques, art and possessions in general losing value. Lower prices when people try to sell. They feel less wealthy and can not buy as many necessities. There will be many bargains in all kinds of property and possessions at the bottom as people sell assets to stay alive

9. Credit tightens up. Bank and lenders fears lead to strict standards. Low interest rates are a sign money is on sale. It is a sign of weak demand and deflation. 10.The internet. Lower cost of doing business online means it is easier to start a business. Business and jobs …

Problems In Managing Government Publications In Academic Libraries In Sierra Leone


In Sierra Leone the terms ‘official publications’, official documents’, and ‘public documents’ are synonymous with government publications. Government publications, simply put, are documents created by government and local and quasi-government bodies explaining and integrating views and polices. They represent the historical and current development authorities of government and provide data on a wide variety of subjects to include Political Science, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Labor, Industry, History, International Relations, Agriculture, Geology and Meteorology. Katz (1997) classed these publications into: (1) records of government administration (2).research documents for specialists including a considerable number of statistics and data of value to science and business (3).popular sources of information. Their physical form being either a book, pamphlet, magazine, report monograph or electronic, especially CD-ROM (p.387).

Bibliographic control in many parts of the world is seemingly unsatisfactory due largely to lack of awareness of the importance of bibliographic tools in research in government publications. The United States of America, for example, was for a long time a pioneer in this field. As far back as 1895 the Printing Act of January 12 of that year (28 statute, 601-624) not only established centralized printing and distribution of federal documents but also instructed the Superintendent of Documents to provide appropriate tools for bibliographic control of the documents published. Great Britain is an outstanding exception for as far back as 1807 collections of parliamentary papers were printed. Countries such as Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Japan began separating government document bibliographies mainly in the 1920s and 1930s (Palic,1975). However a great need for the use of government publications was felt following World War 11 (1939-1945), when there was an increased interest in the authoritative information contained in such publications as posited by child’s (1942) in his introductory notes that ‘more and more the importance of government documentation is being recognized despite the refractory nature of some of these materials’

In parallel the emphasis made on the usefulness of government publications in Sierra Leone is associated with the development of printing which can be traced as far back as the founding of the Colony of Sierra Leone in 1787. Although the industry didn’t survive the French attack of 1794 the foundation stone of what later became known as the Government Printing Department was laid in 1925 when it was charged with the production of small notices for official use. Currently the Department prints all government publications and supplies stationery and office equipment of government departments. It also undertakes a fair amount of commercial printing as income generating measures.

Government publications usually have the advantage of being among the best in their subject fields often not easily available to others (Smith, 1993). In lieu of the extent and complexity of government activities there is a need for the widespread dissemination of information about these activities and for popular integration of government policy. No wonder why government publications have special value to academic library collections and their authority is permanent. In academic libraries in Sierra Leone these publications are put …

Feeling The "Bearn"

In an age of technological marvels one would assume that when it comes to our democratic process where we exercise our Constitutional right to vote everything would go smooth as silk. However, that has not been the case not only in this year’s Presidential primary season, but in other years when people go to the polls. But, what make this year’s primary season stand out is the very obvious and blatant maneuvers by the Democratic establishment to thwart the candidacy of Senator Sanders. In collusion with the main stream media this past primary season above all others has been ripe with corruption, fraud, suppressed voters and malfeasance perpetrated with due diligence in an all out effort to crown Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

While the puppets in the Democratic party along with a complicit media continue to ignore, deem almost irrelevant Clinton’s past improprieties and the hard facts surrounding primary after primary have prematurely declared her the Democratic nominee. Practically every primary was rigged right from the start where voter suppression, voter fraud and a purged electoric have all manifested into what many call crimes committed by the Democratic establishment to place Clinton as the heir apparent to succeed President Obama. It has been since the onset of this year’s primary season they have been doing everything they can to discredit and chastise the one person who has put together a national movement that resonates with the majority of the public.

It never ceases to amaze that today the United States is embroiled in such a quagmire of petty politics where we have Presidential nominated candidates that are both two of the worst candidates for a national office in recent history. And one is perceived as the least trustworthy to hold the nations highest office. And yet many of the voting public still places them on pedestals while the media meanwhile uniformly is in lockstep with Clinton even before she announced her candidacy. It is quite apparent that the media has brainwashed many of the American public into accepting the inevitable political posturing of Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Never mind Senator Sanders who is left out in the cold by the media, chastised by the establishment, misquoted by many in his own party and otherwise deemed too radical. All because of his common sense reasoning that makes up many of the changes that really need to happen to secure the future of the United States.

It may seem just a little odd that not only in California but wherever Senator Sanders goes has drawn record crowds at his rallies while Clinton is far less approachable and has had a mediocre following in comparison to Senator Sanders. And, yet the votes that have been made public put Clinton way over and above those of Bernie Sanders. In new York alone over 170,000 voters were somehow purged from the registered rolls. All in a precinct that is Senators Sanders home town. In Puerto Rico where much of the previous …

Political Economy of India’s Special Economic Zones: a Conceptual Frame Work

 Every country stands for its own development. For this purpose the state introduces and implements new policies and programmes such as Special Economic Zones Act. After 60 years of its independence India with its 110 core population has evolved a new paradigm of its political economy which is confusing. The policies and programmes initiated by Indian government to create a ‘global village’ based on free market economy and free trade among nations cutting across all barriers, abolition of national boundaries and dismantling the nation –state system giving priority to ‘market’ over the ‘state’ . After the enactment of Special Economic Zone Act 2005, it created tremendous effects on political economy of the country.

            The term ‘political economy’ came from the two Greek words ‘Politiko’ and ‘Oikonomia, where ‘Politiko’ stands for the state and society and ‘Oikonomia’means managing the house hold economy. Political economy thus means a study of the state, society and house hold economy. The concept of political economy arose historically as the economic doctrine of a new class – the capitalist class. It has been evolved since the days of Aristotle who gave a model of public good through guaranteeing each person private possession of what he was rationally and morally entitled. Private property was elaborated later by Locke, Adam Smith, Ricardo and the physiocrates, who came to be known as the Laissez Fairists in Economics, or, the liberal democrats in politics. Adam Smith referred to political economy as a branch of the system of civil government. It was concerned with public policy.

            In Marxian view, political economy can be regarded as a subject which studies the social relations evolves between different classes of people in course of production, distribution, exchange and consumption. Political economy belongs to the broad land of economics, which opens on to political science. After a prolonged period of hibernation, the subject has again been resurrected.

Marxist political economy makes a study of how the productive forces are used under the given relations of production taking account of the lines and trends in technical progress; political economy studies the influence of production relations on such progress and its socio economic consequences. Marxist political economy starts from the assumption that human vital activity is objectively based on social material production which includes man’s interactions with the nature and whole range of relations which arise in the process. It has been realized that every political action has its obvious economic repercussion, and every economic action has had its political implications.

 The liberal school of political economy offers economic implications of political facts and factors. The liberal school has economized politics. The liberal system focuses on the atomistic individual as the relevant unit, on the description of economic behavior in terms of subject choices among alternatives, on the notion of social welfare as the maximizations of individual utility sums. The socialist system views the entire economic system as the basic unit, views economic progress in terms of the growth of the forces of production and focuses on …

Geopolitics and the Psychopath

In the aftermath of the Paris massacre I found myself pondering the surreal state of the world and the myriad humanitarian disasters and violations of international law infiltrating the globe. War crimes in Iraq, Gaza, Syria and Libya accompanied by air strikes, bombing raids and regime changes have become routine. The genocide in Yemen, albeit a humanitarian catastrophe, receives little media attention. U.S. led propaganda and harsh sanctions have economically destabilized Venezuela, conceivably as a prelude to invasion. Governmental looting of pensions and savings has begun, devastating retirees and their surviving spouses while corporate moguls earn 380x more than the average wage earner. It has always been this way irrespective of ideology, theology, or philosophy. The brutality of war and suffering are historical realities.

In distress I turn to my chosen field of psychology for answers. I am led to realize that in this geopolitical landscape, driven by the quest for political domination and exploitation of world resources, it is increasingly imperative that the layperson acquires a basic psychological comprehension of human evil, in order for any of this to make a modicum of sense.

Physicist and psychoanalyst Ian Hughes wrote:

A small proportion of people who suffer from psychologically abnormal personalities have, throughout history, had an immeasurable detrimental impact on our societies, our politics and our world. Enabled by their ruthlessness to readily acquire positions of power, they have long dominated the psychologically normal majority of the world’s population.

In Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason philosopher Immanuel Kant makes the claim that evil is innate to the human species. According to Kant, self-conceit is the designated egoistic trait responsible for moral corruption. An extreme propensity for evil has been referred to by psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley, in his seminal book The Mask of Sanity, as a neuropsychiatric defect which fuels the need to destroy. Cleckley’s psychological perspective identifies a measure for evil as psychopathology.

Psychopathy iss a personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. They are conscienceless and calculating, and ruthlessly driven to acquire power and control. Psychopaths command compliance and obedience so as to actualize their agendas. Accordingly, they are encouraged by the absence of critical thought, and the reliance on primitive psychological defenses of those they seek to control. Moreover, research using positron emission tomography (PET) indicates that one of the primary causes of psychopathic behavior is believed to be neurological abnormalities in the frontal lobe of the brain.

Cleckley purports that psychopaths present with a visage of normalcy. According to Cleckley the psychopath has the uncanny ability to conceal this ‘neuropsychiatric defect’, stating, “they are disarming not only to those unfamiliar with such patients but often to people who know well from experience their convincing outer aspect of honesty.” We are deceived, even deluded by, the psychopath’s disguise of virtue, his glibness, ostensible calm, status, and charm. The psychopath’s veneer of normality can be so seamless it becomes implausible to consider the malevolence behind the mask, …

Is America Sleep Walking Through Its Political Issues?

A patient of mine recently experienced an unusual problem. Nearby, she got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked outside into her garage and entered her sports car. She was changing her car clock when her partner, who was in a panic, located her in the car. My patient was awakened by her partner and was confused and bewildered as they left the garage to resume their evening's sleep.

Sleep walking is not an unusual pattern. For many, it is an infrequent occurrence, but for others it is a lifelong experience. Recently, I have been wondering about the manner in which many of our citizens are "sleep walking" through the impact of our political landscape. As a society, we appear to be distracted and sleep at the wheel. It sees as if there is a chronic pathology among our people characterized by naivety, indifference, and a lack of awareness to political and cultural issues.

I recall Jay Leno canvassing the streets of Los Angeles trying to find one American who could tell him how many Supreme Court justices serve on our highest bench and to identify one of their names. The responses were pathetic and called attention to the lack of political awareness of our citizenry. Recently, as my wife and I boarded a plane to return to Arizona, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was sitting in the third row of the plane. I was not aware of one on-coming passenger who seemed to recognize her or acknowledge her presence. When we deplaned and headed for the luggage area, while other passengers appeared to be oblivious to the relevance of the situation, I proceeded to introduce myself and carry on a brief conversation with her. As one of my 15 year old patients once said, "Why should I care about politics, I can not change anything anyway." Neverheless, it is my belief that feeling powerless is never an excuse for sleeping through the political process.

Although I certainly respect and support our current troops deployed in Iraq and other locations, there is something quite disturbing about the false sense of patriotism displayed by Americans. For example, I believe many of us have trivialized the concept of war through the simplistic use of bumper stickers, ribbons and other insignias signifying troop support. What do these symbols really mean for most Americans? Are they true signs of patriotism by those who fully understand the impact and implications of our current war in Iraq? My brother, who was a Lieutenant and company commander in Viet Nam cringes at the naivety and lack of awareness that many Americans possess about the nature of terrorism, combat and military missions. Maybe if the military adopted a conscription policy, some Americans might rethink their form of patriotism? Maybe if they knew their own children would be subject to going off to Baghdad, they would reconsider the way they demonstrate their loyalty to our military efforts. You may recall what happened when the President …

Movie Questions And Answers

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In the movie ‘Bill & Ted Bogus Journey’?
What accent does death enjoy? It sounds like it could be from Transylvania but just not sure. Does anyone know for sure? sounds german probably german The thespian was trying to imitate Death from the Seventh Seal, so Swedish

In the movie Corpse Bride explain how and why Corpse Bride be murdered?
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In the movie four brothers why did they put to death the mother?
The mother was killed not because she be there in the store during the staged robbery but because she have a large insurance policy ($400,000) that one of her adopted son’s could enjoy used to pay back or payment off some big shot city official–the corrupt city…

In the movie Girl Interrupted why does Nurse Valerie throw Susanna surrounded by a tub of cold marine?
about mid way through the movie? She does so primarily because Susanna is behave like a spoiled little brat Susanna is acting like a spoilt brat so Valerie dumps her contained by cold water to shock her…

In the movie gone contained by 60 second. what be the final sports car that sway boosted?
sway said they’re loading up jessica and another car just took her for a ride, what be that other car? what was the moniker and what kind of car be it? I think it be a Shelby GT Mustang called Eleanor it was…

In the movie green mile…when the sponge wasn’t showery..would what happen surrounded by the movie really evolve?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBTgFkQsk鈥? just copy and paste t contained by your browser if you dont remember I’m not a scientist, but it seems plausible to me. I found an instance on Wikipedia of someone bursting into flames after not dying from the…

i Don’t know she told lenny to offer her insulin shot over and over again to see if he remembers the previous shots… actually sammy’s story is his own story. go to imdb.com and see gift message board. a huge discussion is…

In the movie Orphan, does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that it completed a moment or two too much close to the culmination surrounded by the Ring movie?
In the movie, the Ring, Rachel (mother) is being chased by Samara in the powerfully. When Rachel reaches the top, Samara grabs her leg and beg for her to stay and to…

In the movie over her comatose body?
Who is the sister, Chloe? I know she was on a TV show which one? She was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a few years I know she be on …

Legal Thriller Author Analyzes Paper Trails Scams

If 75% of women wear the wrong bra size, and 75% of men wear shirts with the wrong sleeve length, is it any wonder that so many people do not understand paper trails, do not understand their critical roles in con games? Fraud, shell games, scandal-revelation and creation, and rip-offs of every kind flower from this tell-tale debris.

And, alas, most importantly, it is essential to understand how all of this paper trail information is tied together by social security numbers. (For the intent to rob you blind, this information collecting method is, obviously, illegally illegal. For the lawn mower manufacturer, in his search for demographics trying to sell you a new riding mower, however, society seems to feel this is OK)

Spreading like wildfire, with the aid of an internet stage setting, what are paper trails anyhow? Let's be more specific.

Simply put, as they may affect you, they are every sort of record, kept anywhere, that link business transactions back to you. These can be any paper document such as a bill of sale, promissory note, receipt, application, resume filing, customs claim, insurance form, notarized statement, any legal form. These spell out into computer records.

It's a large society's propaganda into the computer / internet era of the 1990s that has thought about this current-day fleshing out of the "paper trail." It's now so efficient that the structural schematic of this thought-police invasion – this total assault on your privacy – should indeed frighten you. What next? You might ask. Will you be marked with a tracking device so the government always knows where you are?

In this day and age it's computers, computers, internet, internet. Far and wide. They are to blame. It's computer records that pull all these bits of paper information together, to the delight of con artists.

Examples: Credit card purchase? Computer. Bank deposit? Computer. House purchase? Computer. And, the list goes on and on. Endlessly.

Take a simple, one-time credit card purchase. This is stored in the bank's computer, as well as several way stations along the path back to your bank, in the network's computers. When you deposit cash into your checking account the information is stored in a computer. When you deposit cash into your savings account the information is stored in a computer. When you buy a house you get a triple-whammy, the transaction is stored in a computer, in paper form, and on microfilm at your county recorder's office. Every time you turn around and blink these days, it looks, something about you is recorded in a computer.

And, sad to say, the common link that pulls all of your business transactions together is your social security number. It is the commonly used identifier of the present day age. By using only your social security number the con man can put together a near-total list of your business transactions stretching back over the years.

So, stealing your ss number – it being the string-tying mechanism which pulls everything together …

Serious Strength Training For Law Enforcement!

Strength training for law enforcement has to be structured to make you a hard hitting athlete in your own way! Whether you need to strong arm a suspect, kick in the door of a crack house, or just flat out whip up on a group of punks that are being a menace to society then you have arrived at the right place! I am pleased to introduce to you the hardest hiring method of training for all law enforcement and it's kettlebell training.

Kettlebell Training: Ultimate Strength Training For Law Enforcement

I do not have to sit here and tell you how dangerous your job is my friend. You already know, yet the one thing that surprises me about a lot of law enforcement is the lack of "effective" strength training as part of their "PT" program. You see the most physically demanding sports such as football, rugby, and MMA all are starting to implement the use of kettlebell training and its for good reason. Read on if I have your attention.

So what is kettlebell training? Well, kettlebells are ancient strength and conditioning devices that have been around for over three centuries. This single device resembles a cannonball with a handle attached to it. The thing that sets kettlebell training apart from most other so-called traditional forms of strength training is that that it is primarily movement based in nature. The key to kettlebell training is that you have to understand and learn how to execute movement patterns instead of isolating specific body parts. You see movement is the very essence of human performance just as you see in daily life, sports, and more specifically your job! This is how you really get fit and perform at the same time!

Kettlebell training basically trains your body's kinetic chain or your total body's muscular connection for the sake of working to perform movements. Whether you have to run, fight, lift, throw, jump, or duck your body must be in top physical condition to pull all of these off effectively. You would not get into a high speed chase with your cruiser if you knew the tires were flat would you? I would use the same comparison with your body and it's performance. If you are training smart then you are more likely to get the job done more effectively without the worry of injury or failure. Basic lifts that you can perform with the kettlebell such as swings, jerks, snatches, and get ups all are great for making your body super fit and super tenant. These most basic lifts will get you ready for most any task that comes your way.

If you have not already started to implement the use of kettlebell training into your law enforcement training program then start today. Feel free to access the rest of my articles on the subject for additional information. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend! …

Political, satirical cartoons illustrates the situation

Satirical cartoons are very popular now a days and are often featured in newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. Satirical cartoons usually focus on human mistakes and shortcomings in an often amusing but critical way, with the intention of making people aware of a certain political situation within a country.  Political cartoons are for the most part composed of two elements, caricature, which parodies the individual, and allusion, which creates the situation or context into which the individual is placed

There are many types of comedy, but political satire is probably my favorite type of humor. What makes it funny to me is, the “irony,” often used in this type of humor. In almost every newspaper around the world, a political cartoon is published that highlights a particular viewpoint or idea through the use of illustration. Often, the image is exaggerated and intended to be humorous as well as informative. They can also be satirical or even serious in tone, depending on the audience, the artist, and the idea illustrated. Humor lies in the difference between what is and what ought to be. Some political satire cartoons says more than a thousands words can.

Satire cartoons are that type of literary genre where human voices, abuses, mistakes and shortcomings are presented in a very funny and ironical way with a translucent intention of making society aware of a country’s present political condition. Satire cartoons are often found in the editorial sections of many newspapers raising some radical and minority issues with a hope of bringing an improved social change. Though satire cartoons are often presented in a witty and funny manner, still the purpose of satire is not only to create humor but to criticize an event, an individual or a group in a witty approach.

Satire cartoons are that type of literary genre where human voices, abuses, mistakes and shortcomings are presented in a very funny and ironical way with a translucent intention of making society aware of a country’s present political condition. Satire cartoons are often found in the editorial sections of many newspapers raising some radical and minority issues with a hope of bringing an improved social change. Though satire cartoons are often presented in a witty and funny manner, still the purpose of satire is not only to create humour but to criticize an event, an individual or a group in a witty approach. Generally satire cartoons have a definite target, which acts on a person or group of people, a thought or attitude, a society or a social practice. Satire cartoonists often target on famous public personalities or people who and whose actions affect the society in some ways or other.

Political satire cartoons have been around as long as politics and government. Part entertainment, part statement of beliefs, it always magnifies the wrongs (or perceived wrongs) of government and is found in all manner of media across centuries. Political satire is using sarcasm and/or humor to point out the foibles, incompetence, or corruption …