8 Methods to Irresistible Email Writing


Before you sit down to write your email sales letter, you have to establish exactly who your audience is. This is a master key to reaching results from email promotion.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do your prospects / customers want?

What frustrates your prospects / customers most?

Who else is offering something just like you?

Why should your prospects / customers believe you?

Why should prospects / customers answer to you as a substitution of somebody else?

What sort of appearances will your target market responses?


Before an email can produce results, recipients require opening it. However, what can you do to spark their interest and get their interest "motor" revved up? Your subject line is the key. There are 4 types of methods to use as a guide in setting your email. Each has a different psychological appeal that works like magic on clients. Write at least 25 subject lines before you opt for which one to use. Take the best two and test them against each other in your marketing campaign. Save the "losers" to use for other purposes or spruce up later.


Sit down and write every conceivable benefit your product has. Do not know the variance between qualities and benefits? Features explain the product; Advantages describe the results of utilizing the product. From qualities appeal to logic, logic justifies emotion, and emotion drives sales.

Here's a rule of thumb for advantages, ask yourself, "What can my product or service do for my customer?" Then start to write your letter telling your reader what is in it for them. Tell them how much better life will be for them after they pay for from you. Tell them how much better they will feel. Tell them how their peers will respect them more.


When advertising anything to anyone, you must remember that buying choices are base upon emotion and later backed up by logic. Before you write a single word, establish what emotional hot buttons you require to push to "jumpstart" your prospect.

If you are offering health supplements, go for the "fear of illness" button with "A Natural Alternative to Save Your Eyesight." If you are offering political bumper stickers, hit the "anger" button with, "Let the President Know What You Think Of His Policies." Other buttons include, curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, and / or fear of scarcity or safety.


To persuade people to pay for your product or service, you must make them believe that your offer is realistic and that you or your product will deliver as promised.

How do you do that? Here are 3 ways you can create credibility with the readers of your sales letter:

Provide testimonials.

Include endorsement letters from authority figures in your industry

Make your offer and promises honest and believable.


Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good For America

Rush Limbaugh is important to America for several reasons. He loves America, he loves the American people and he believes in them. While most people have heard of him they do not really know or understand him unless they have listened to him personally. Rush likes to say you must listen to him everyday for a few weeks to understand his commentary and sense of humor. Many people form an opinion about him based solely on someone else's opinion. I have heard many people say they did not like or agree with Rush until they listened to him. After listening to him they realized they agree with most if not all of what he says. After all he loves America and believes in the America people.

He is entertaining, informative and right. Do you believe America is a force for good in the world? Do you believe Americans are generous? Do you believe when faced with adversity Americans buckle down and go to work? If you believe these things you agree with Rush Limbaugh. Above all Rush loves America. Millions of people listened to him everyday for three hours. No other talk radio host comes close to the size of his audience. What makes him so important and valuable is he speaks the truth. His research is intensive. He reads an incredible amount of material in preparation for the show. His opinions are based on facts and history. He is a conservative and says so often. He does not attempt to hide his position on the issues.

His audience is made up of people like him, they love America. They believe our founders set up the absolute best government on this planet. It's not perfect but it is the best. Our founding fathers created a government that allowed the American people to achieve greatness. This greatness was achieved because the government was limited in its power and scope. Government can not create wealth and prosperity but it can stifle it, destroy it and even take it away. Our founding fathers were brilliant when they created a government that is limited. It is because our government is limited that we have achieved so much. In a little over 200 years we became a super power. Our way of life is so desirable people risk their lives to get here. Americans give more to help other people around the world than any other country.

So if you believe America is a good country made up of good people, you agree with Rush Limbaugh. Listen to him everyday for a couple of weeks and see why he is the most listened to radio host. My guess is you will find yourself entertained, informed, uplifted, motivated and in agreement. Because Rush Limbaugh is so affective at exposing the truth and hidden agendas he is also despised. Those that depend on deception and lies to promote their agenda take every opportunity to attack him. They twist and distort what he says. They take his words …

Law Enforcement Surveillance Cameras for the Post-9-11 World – 5 Considerations

Whether events of September 11th, 2001 portend permanent or temporary changes in our nation, or around the world, local law enforcement organizations around the country know that a seismic event of some magnitude occurred which will affect the way we do things for years to come. Certainly the psyche of this and many other nations were impacted. Elections were influenced, relations between nations were altered, and normal international discourse was dramatically changed – maybe permanently.

While so much changed in the way we approached our daily lives, the most fundamental change may have taken place in the realm of security. “Business as usual” could no longer be tolerated at the local law enforcement level as a very real and visceral reality hit home – that some of the world’s most capable and redoubtable military powers could find themselves vulnerable to far less sophisticated, asymmetric threats which could kill thousands without firing a single round. Asymmetric warfare migrated from an intellectual exercise that planners in the Pentagon used to channel the directions of the Revolution in Military Affairs to one of practical consequence that seemed to throw all of the rules out the window.

When those two passenger jets slammed into the Twin Towers on 9/11 they had a galvanizing affect on how we conduct our day-to-day activities and challenged conventional wisdom about how we deal with potential threats. Probably nothing in our lives changed more visibly than the explosion in surveillance capabilities and the willingness, albeit with some degree of objection, to accept greater intrusiveness by governments as they sought to prevent even more cataclysmic events. Securing the general population became the mantra of governments and their leaders, and surveillance systems became a key means to achieve that security.

Yet the need to fill the apparent gap in government as well as private security architectures has not in all cases been met by a concomitant appropriate response from the commercial arena. Many companies rushed to fill the void without the commensurate experience needed to provide the right customer solutions. Company size, financial deep pockets, and an army of engineers by themselves mean little without a deep bench of experienced technocrats who have put years in the trenches of the surveillance industry and have lived the complex challenges this industry poses.

Towards that end, there are some necessary considerations when looking to acquire a surveillance system. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Surveillance systems are not simply cameras on a pole: Potential users such as local law enforcement agencies need to understand the broader applications and uses of all of the components in an integrated, “total systems” approach. Certainly simple, and cost effective, wired CCTV solutions are a piece of the total solution. However, by themselves, they deprive a user of a complete solution – a fact that can go unnoticed until it is too late and a situation arises whereby more is needed.

2. Surveillance systems should be holistic in design and defined by the

Is America Sleep Walking Through Its Political Issues?

A patient of mine recently experienced an unusual problem. Nearby, she got out of bed in the middle of the night, walked outside into her garage and entered her sports car. She was changing her car clock when her partner, who was in a panic, located her in the car. My patient was awakened by her partner and was confused and bewildered as they left the garage to resume their evening's sleep.

Sleep walking is not an unusual pattern. For many, it is an infrequent occurrence, but for others it is a lifelong experience. Recently, I have been wondering about the manner in which many of our citizens are "sleep walking" through the impact of our political landscape. As a society, we appear to be distracted and sleep at the wheel. It sees as if there is a chronic pathology among our people characterized by naivety, indifference, and a lack of awareness to political and cultural issues.

I recall Jay Leno canvassing the streets of Los Angeles trying to find one American who could tell him how many Supreme Court justices serve on our highest bench and to identify one of their names. The responses were pathetic and called attention to the lack of political awareness of our citizenry. Recently, as my wife and I boarded a plane to return to Arizona, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was sitting in the third row of the plane. I was not aware of one on-coming passenger who seemed to recognize her or acknowledge her presence. When we deplaned and headed for the luggage area, while other passengers appeared to be oblivious to the relevance of the situation, I proceeded to introduce myself and carry on a brief conversation with her. As one of my 15 year old patients once said, "Why should I care about politics, I can not change anything anyway." Neverheless, it is my belief that feeling powerless is never an excuse for sleeping through the political process.

Although I certainly respect and support our current troops deployed in Iraq and other locations, there is something quite disturbing about the false sense of patriotism displayed by Americans. For example, I believe many of us have trivialized the concept of war through the simplistic use of bumper stickers, ribbons and other insignias signifying troop support. What do these symbols really mean for most Americans? Are they true signs of patriotism by those who fully understand the impact and implications of our current war in Iraq? My brother, who was a Lieutenant and company commander in Viet Nam cringes at the naivety and lack of awareness that many Americans possess about the nature of terrorism, combat and military missions. Maybe if the military adopted a conscription policy, some Americans might rethink their form of patriotism? Maybe if they knew their own children would be subject to going off to Baghdad, they would reconsider the way they demonstrate their loyalty to our military efforts. You may recall what happened when the President …

McCain Economics Weak? Offers Most Practical Economic Proposal in a Decade

In an interview interviewed by CNN Monday April 15, 2008 McCain answered the questions about his age and whether he had the stamina for the job with an invitation for anyone who doubles his statina to come along with him on his campaign. That silenced everyone.

The following day McCain outshined all his opponents in his bid for the White House by outlining his economic strategy for the country. In an Associated Press article April 15, 2008 the details of Sen. McCain's plan look like the most practical short and long term proposals for the economy that anyone has heard of in a decade. McCain's proposal has a raw common sense appealing that is garnering the interest of everyday Americans and some top economists for whatever the economy is a strong suit.

The most appealing aspect of John McCain's proposition is that it speaks to the most pressing problem Americans are facing today; The price of gasoline. Traveling to and from the job is cutting into family budgets even without all the necessary driving that remains. Gasoline prices keep pumping up the cost of food and consumer goods and it is suppressing the economy faster than the present government stimulus package can bolster it. Will not spend has given way to can not spend which is the opposite of stimulus.

After seeing oil company execs feed Senate committees the "supply and demand" speech and the "we're investing in the search of alternative fuel sources" diatribe to explain huge profits McCain has countered with an in your face bit of good old American practical problem Solving that can not easily be ignored.

McCain has warned that both of his Democratic rivals are about to spring the single greatest tax hike in history on an unsuspecting America if either one is elected. The "big change" that Hillary or Obama propause for America will translate into the "big tax hike" according to McCain.

As a takeoff from the title of Barack Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" published by Random House, McCain said "All these tax increases are the fine print under the slogan of 'hope:' They're going to raise your taxes by thousands Of dollars per year – and they have the audacity to hope you do not mind. "

Essentially what McCain is proposing should shame corporate America after offering only status quo answers to the public and at the same time trim big government long enough for the average Joe to make a recovery.

McCain's proposition has many elements but the most brilliant is to cut government taxes on gasoline during the approaching summer months by about 19 cents per gallon for gasoline and 24 cents per gallon for diesel. McCain's proposals were outlined in a speech made at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He referred to the cut as a "gas-tax holiday." Speaking of hope, most Americans would hope that the tax cuts would become permanent, now that's audacity!

The most frequent objection to the idea of ​​cutting gasoline …

Scotts 2000-20 Classic Lawn Mower Review

I have always preferred electric and gas-powered lawn mowers because of the convenience they can give. I meant, I do not have the luxury of time to mow my lawn. Not even one half of a day. I want everything fast and fierce. Everything changed when we had this worldwide economic slowdown. I had to always check my resources and make sure I have spares for the rainy days. At first, it's difficult to adjust but in time, I learned. Well, I really had no choice. Gas powered lawn mowers require high maintenance. I really can not afford such unnecessary expense just to maintain my gorgeous lawn.

So I used the ever reliable Google and did some research. I found this unappealing push reel mower. The price was really affordable. I'll just be honest, this is something that's just within my budget. I was really scared because the reviews might just be misleading. I read the pros and cons. In short, I've done my job and just risked. My other consensus was that, it's earth friendly.

Scotts Push Reel Lawn Mower is a blessing in disguise. I was really worried that I would not be able to assemble it. If you follow the manual and it will be very easy. All you have to do is screw the five sections of the handle and then clip it to the body of the mower. There are additional nuts and washers that you can use to securely connect the handle.

I was of course prepared that this mower will be powered by myself. I actually needed a good workout to shed off those extra pounds. The mower was quiet unlike the gas-powered ones. They really do not pollute. The only pollution is your sweat! I was really surprised that it worked smoothly. I had no difficulty pushing it. I felt like Wolverine. It was obvious I enjoyed the experience.

When you buy Scotts Push Reel Lawn Mower you should be realistic. Do not set expectations that will not be met. This is very useful for small grass or weeds. Of course, it's just natural to always keep the blades oiled to maintain high performance. I really could not ask for more! …

Concept Analysis of Leadership in Nursing


The quality of health care offered to patients is usually influenced by leadership in nursing hence has either positive or negative impacts upon patients. In the provision of professional development, learning, and employee alignment which are very essential in optimizing positive patient results; inspiring leadership is usually required. In this case, for an organization to realize prosperity leadership is a necessity that should be compromised under no conditions. In health care prosperity brought about by good leadership usually leads to most advantageous patients’ results through adequate preparation of its employees who in return help the organization achieve its organizational set goals. Basically, when the right people are placed in the right position in health care organizations; it will be very easy for the organization to realize its missions and visions hence greater organizational achievements. Leadership is one of the factors that should be seriously considered in nursing in order to make sure that the practices undertaken by employees conform to the directives of the leaders.

Aims of the concept analysis

The aims of this concept analysis are to determine what is required of Clinical Nurse Managers in health care organizations, how the concept of leadership affect the patients’ outcomes, and what should be done to improve leadership in these organizations. It is therefore the role of Clinical Nurse Managers to coordinate, delegate, and supervise health care provided to patients. This is mainly underpinned by attaining more competences which are the major focal points of the concept of leadership in health care organizations. It can be therefore concluded that good understanding of the concept of leadership by the Clinical Nurse Managers is favorable to very best outcomes of patients. In most cases, nurses progressing to leadership and management positions are largely unskilled, with no or very little orientation, unsupported, or having very little orientation to succession planning which pertains to leadership and management skills. This usually results to poor leadership and the patients are mostly the victims. These nurses suffer from unconscious incompetence which is a situation where a nurse does not know what he or she does not know (Donley, 2005). Unconscious competence is very dangerous as it can lead to disenfranchising clinical growth and nursing profession, compromising care provision and low quality patient outcomes, and recruitment as well as retention issues.

Literature review: Uses of the concepts

In order to have a clear description and familiarity of the concept, comprehensive review of literature is very essential. The literature review will be explained in two disciplines outside the field of nursing in order to have a diversity of the comprehension of the concepts. In marketing, the concept of leadership is very imperative as it determines the way competitive advantage of a company is described. Marketing involves the process whereby goods and services are communicated to customers and therefore the volume of sales a company makes depends on the level of marketing. A good marketing process requires good leadership qualities as different parties and individuals are involved in marketing. For …

Movie Questions And Answers

More Movie questions please visit : MovieDVDFAQ.com

In the movie ‘Bill & Ted Bogus Journey’?
What accent does death enjoy? It sounds like it could be from Transylvania but just not sure. Does anyone know for sure? sounds german probably german The thespian was trying to imitate Death from the Seventh Seal, so Swedish

In the movie Corpse Bride explain how and why Corpse Bride be murdered?
In the movie Corpse Bride explain how and why was Corpse Bride murdered please answer ASAP! HELP! This is one of my favorite movies. I watch it adjectives the time and I have it on tape. The corpse bride (Emily) run off to elope with…

In the movie four brothers why did they put to death the mother?
The mother was killed not because she be there in the store during the staged robbery but because she have a large insurance policy ($400,000) that one of her adopted son’s could enjoy used to pay back or payment off some big shot city official–the corrupt city…

In the movie Girl Interrupted why does Nurse Valerie throw Susanna surrounded by a tub of cold marine?
about mid way through the movie? She does so primarily because Susanna is behave like a spoiled little brat Susanna is acting like a spoilt brat so Valerie dumps her contained by cold water to shock her…

In the movie gone contained by 60 second. what be the final sports car that sway boosted?
sway said they’re loading up jessica and another car just took her for a ride, what be that other car? what was the moniker and what kind of car be it? I think it be a Shelby GT Mustang called Eleanor it was…

In the movie green mile…when the sponge wasn’t showery..would what happen surrounded by the movie really evolve?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBTgFkQsk鈥? just copy and paste t contained by your browser if you dont remember I’m not a scientist, but it seems plausible to me. I found an instance on Wikipedia of someone bursting into flames after not dying from the…

i Don’t know she told lenny to offer her insulin shot over and over again to see if he remembers the previous shots… actually sammy’s story is his own story. go to imdb.com and see gift message board. a huge discussion is…

In the movie Orphan, does anyone have a sneaking suspicion that it completed a moment or two too much close to the culmination surrounded by the Ring movie?
In the movie, the Ring, Rachel (mother) is being chased by Samara in the powerfully. When Rachel reaches the top, Samara grabs her leg and beg for her to stay and to…

In the movie over her comatose body?
Who is the sister, Chloe? I know she was on a TV show which one? She was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a few years I know she be on …

NYC Events For the Political Junkie – In the Mainstream and Out

New York was the home territory for two major Presidential contenders in 2008: Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. It's no coincidence that the city is rife with political activity – it's the headquarters for numerous national news sources, and it's also home to the single Zip code with the highest level of political obligations to both major parties. The breadth of NYC events available to someone interested in politics means that it's easy to sample lots of different ideologies – and maybe learn a thing or two.

The Barack Obama Meetup is one of the many NYC events that brings together hundreds of Obama supporters to talk about the Senator's plans and policies, and to share grassroots campaigning strategies. Of all the NYC events dedicated to Democratic party politics, this is one of the most active.

For a view a bit out of the mainstream, the Henry George School of Social Science offers NYC events that revolve around the economic teachings of Henry George, who called for a single tax on the value of land. A movement that has brought together socialists, anarchists, and radical capitalists, the Georgian political movement has remained alive (and vivid!) In the city where Henry George himself once ran for mayor. The NYC events hosted by the school include introductory and advanced lectures on economics from a Georgian perspective.

On the other side of the mainstream, the Junto is a unique NYC Event. Hosted by veteran trader Victor Neiderhofer, it's a wide-ranging discussion forum covering investments, economics, and politics, all viewed from the perspective of Objectivism. Although Junto is an NYC event, it's named after Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia gathering of the same name.

The radical bookstore Bluestockings hosts numerous anarchism-themed gatherings. Unlike stereotypical anarchists, the visitors to Bluestockings' NYC Events are likely to be well-versed in Proudhon rather than punk rock. Events range from discussions about the lessons from world travel, to instructions on activism, as well as numerous movie and book events.

The feminist group NOW hosted their national conference in New York last July. Although feminism is a social rather than political movement, it's a movement with broad political implications. NYC events like this showcase the city's intellectual diversity – Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were counting on its votes in the 2008 general election, and each hosted NYC events to galvanize supporters. Since the city is home to preeminent magazines literary / political on the right and left – from The New Yorker to The National Review – NYC events have always shown that regardless of their beliefs, residents of this cosmopolitan locale can find the perfect venue to express them Views. …

Legal Thriller Author Analyzes Paper Trails Scams

If 75% of women wear the wrong bra size, and 75% of men wear shirts with the wrong sleeve length, is it any wonder that so many people do not understand paper trails, do not understand their critical roles in con games? Fraud, shell games, scandal-revelation and creation, and rip-offs of every kind flower from this tell-tale debris.

And, alas, most importantly, it is essential to understand how all of this paper trail information is tied together by social security numbers. (For the intent to rob you blind, this information collecting method is, obviously, illegally illegal. For the lawn mower manufacturer, in his search for demographics trying to sell you a new riding mower, however, society seems to feel this is OK)

Spreading like wildfire, with the aid of an internet stage setting, what are paper trails anyhow? Let's be more specific.

Simply put, as they may affect you, they are every sort of record, kept anywhere, that link business transactions back to you. These can be any paper document such as a bill of sale, promissory note, receipt, application, resume filing, customs claim, insurance form, notarized statement, any legal form. These spell out into computer records.

It's a large society's propaganda into the computer / internet era of the 1990s that has thought about this current-day fleshing out of the "paper trail." It's now so efficient that the structural schematic of this thought-police invasion – this total assault on your privacy – should indeed frighten you. What next? You might ask. Will you be marked with a tracking device so the government always knows where you are?

In this day and age it's computers, computers, internet, internet. Far and wide. They are to blame. It's computer records that pull all these bits of paper information together, to the delight of con artists.

Examples: Credit card purchase? Computer. Bank deposit? Computer. House purchase? Computer. And, the list goes on and on. Endlessly.

Take a simple, one-time credit card purchase. This is stored in the bank's computer, as well as several way stations along the path back to your bank, in the network's computers. When you deposit cash into your checking account the information is stored in a computer. When you deposit cash into your savings account the information is stored in a computer. When you buy a house you get a triple-whammy, the transaction is stored in a computer, in paper form, and on microfilm at your county recorder's office. Every time you turn around and blink these days, it looks, something about you is recorded in a computer.

And, sad to say, the common link that pulls all of your business transactions together is your social security number. It is the commonly used identifier of the present day age. By using only your social security number the con man can put together a near-total list of your business transactions stretching back over the years.

So, stealing your ss number – it being the string-tying mechanism which pulls everything together …