Tips for Choosing the Right Dressings for Salads

Part of the plan for losing weight and getting in shape involves developing better eating habits. That usually means including more fresh fruits and vegetables in each meal. Salads are a great way to add fiber and nutrients, depending on what ingredients are used. Even the dressing prepared for the salad can boost nutrition while limiting the consumption of empty calories. Here are some tips on how to choose the right dressing.

Considering the Type of Salad

There’s more than one kind of salad in the world. When considering options for Salad dressings, remember that what works just fine with a garden salad will not be quite right for something like tuna salad or a three-bean salad. With a garden salad, it’s possible to prepare something as simple as an oil and vinegar dressing and be happy. A three-bean salad would be enhanced by using an organic Italian dressing. For something to give the tuna salad a boost, consider using a plant-based mayo as the binder.

Adding Something Different

One way to keep things from getting boring is to experiment with adding something out of the ordinary to that salad. For example, think about adding some cashews or walnuts to the basic tuna salad recipe. With a garden salad, think of what adding a few black beans and dark red kidney beans would accomplish. Along with adding color to the salad, the beans are also an excellent source of protein. When the plan is to reduce cholesterol intake, this approach works better than adding in chicken, ham, or turkey as part of the salad ingredients. Based on what surprise ingredients are added, adjust the choice of salad dressing accordingly.

Developing better dietary habits is not as difficult as many people think. In fact, the right approach will open up a whole new world of culinary delights. Salads will not be boring, and may even become the main focus of the meal. Try a few different recipes for dressings, ranging from oil and vinegar bases to those that have a more creamy texture. it will not take long to see how certain ones work well with specific kinds of salads, and how they help make meal time a lot of fun.